When a veterinarian named Cindy Bressler sued Mariah Carey for unpaid bills of nearly $30,000 effective due to extraordinary care she provided for her three Russell Terrier dogs named Cha-Cha, Dolomite and JJ, people were immediately anxious about this breed of small dogs. This breed of dogs, although small, has an amazing headstrong independence that requires strong attention from their owners for maintaining their even keel.

You will come across many Russell Terriers in animal shelters that are unmanageable, as their owners never took efforts to train them or check them. Being one of the strong and energetic breeds that can be uncontrollably violent, at times it is highly suggested that only experienced dog handlers should only buy dogs of Russell Terrier breed.

Origin & Breed Information About Russell Terrier

As of now, the Russell Terriers we see are characterized due to two or tri-color patterns usually in brown, white and sometimes black. It is evidently said that modern Russell Terriers are much more sturdy, muscular and attractive than their ancestors.

Russell Terrier dog
Photo by James Frid from Pexels

Originally named Fox Terrier the current breed is named after Rev. John Russell. At that time, these dogs were used mainly for small hunting games especially for red fox and digging quarry from its cave. John Russell’s incredible understanding of the Fox Terrier made him notice the potential this dog has in being the world’s extraordinary hunting dog.

With an extensive breeding program to create, Russell came across British White Terrier with elegant tan spots on her eyes, ears and tail. By breeding the Fox Terrier with the White Terrier, Russell created a breed of dogs with distinctive coloring patterns combined with all the desired hunting traits.

Over time, Breeders have emphasized working ability, broad standards, and a range of body types in this breed. However, Jack Russell Terrier Association of America was not happy with this wide variety of body types so it changed its name in 2003 to Parson Russell Terrier Associations of America. The working types and talents like hunting, tracking, agility and performing tricks remain those originally found in Jack Russell Terrier.

The Temperament of Russell Terriers

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Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

Although many experts have different opinions about the temperament of this breed, most agree that these dogs are cheerful, devoted, energetic, and made for loving and caring. Being spirited and obedient, this probably is the only small dog breed, which is completely fearless. Careful towards the owner at the same time enjoying their independence, they are marvelous to watch while playing with toys and different games.

Although this breed behaves well with children, it is necessary to teach children not to hit them or tease them.

Training Your Russell Terrier

The best thing about a Russell Terrier dog is if you show them and teach them to take an inch, they will conquer mile with their intelligence. Remember, this breed likes to take orders. You have to be their pack leader telling them about rules they need to follow and the limitations they have in doing things. When you allow Russell Terrier to be his own boss (which we call Small Dog Syndrome) can lead to unwanted behavioral patterns.

It is better if you employ firm, strong, and experienced dog trainer to train your Russell Terrier, as they are highly trainable. However, knowing that this breed has strong hunting instincts, it is necessary to socialize them a lot. Due to its hunting instincts, this breed likes digging, barking, chasing and even exploring so you need to provide them enough space for all these activities.

Do you have a Russell Terrier or have any additional advice about this outstanding breed? I’d love to hear from you! Drop a line below in the comment section.

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