Tens of thousands of people a month search Google asking, “can dogs eat dairy”. As far as dairy and dogs are concerned…it’s complicated. Some dogs can tolerate milk straight out of the carton. Others become violently ill having even a small amount of dairy due to lactose intolerance.

To further complicate matters, some dairy, such as cheddar cheese, is ok for dogs that can tolerate lactose. Other dairies, such as blue cheese, should be avoided altogether.

Below we’ve compiled the answers to the top 30 Google searches regarding dogs and dairy. In addition to researching what dairy dogs can and can’t eat, we’ve also written blog posts answering…

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A note on the answers below — when the answer is:

  • No – That means that the food is harmful or toxic to dogs.
  • Yes – That doesn’t mean you should feed your dog a diet exclusively of that food. Only that it is safe for dogs to consume, just not as its main food source.
  • A little bit – That means that if your pup snuck some of this food off of your plate, or ate it before you realized it, it should be ok in small quantities. You shouldn’t make it a habit of feeding dogs these foods regularly.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s find out what dairy your pup can and can’t eat.

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Can Dogs Eat American Cheese

A Little Bit

American cheese is a product with a lot of added preservatives and emulsifiers. A little bit won’t hurt your dog but avoid large quantities.

Can Dogs Eat Blue Cheese


Avoid it because the ‘blue’ in blue cheese is from a type of mold that produces roquefortine C. If they eat it, dogs can suffer from gastrointestinal problems, hyperthermia, and seizures.

Can Dogs Eat Boiled Eggs


Give your dog plain boiled eggs. As long as they are fully cooked and you aren’t adding spices, salt, or fats.

Can Dogs Eat Cheddar Cheese


Low levels of lactose in cheddar cheese make it an excellent choice for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Cheese

A Little Bit

Your dog can safely consume moderate amounts of cheese. Too much can lead to obesity or even pancreatitis due to the high-fat content.

Can dogs eat american cheese, a little bit - blue cheese, no - boiled eggs, yes - cheddar cheese, yes - cheese, a little bit

Can Dogs Eat Cottage Cheese


Offer your dogs cottage cheese as a bland, protein-rich meal when they have digestive issues, given they have no dairy allergies.

Can Dogs Eat Cream Cheese

A Little Bit

Plain cream cheese with no additives is safe for dogs to consume. But offer it in moderation to avoid obesity.

Can Dogs Eat Dairy

It Depends

Many dogs can’t handle milk and its derivatives. It causes diarrhea, itching, and other allergies or sensitivities.

Can Dogs Eat Egg Shells

A Little Bit

Although they are a good source of calcium, consult with your vet first. Egg shells aren’t tasty and the sharp edges are a hassle for their digestive tract.

Can Dogs Eat Egg Whites


Fully cooked egg whites are safe and nutritious for dogs but can lead to biotin deficiency and hypertension when consumed in excess.

can dogs eat cottage cheese, yes - cream cheese, a little bit - dairy, it depends - egg shells, a little bit - egg whites, yes

Can Dogs Eat Egg Yolk


Fully cooked egg yolks are good for your dog. However, offer in moderation because they can lead to obesity and high cholesterol.

Can Dogs Eat Eggs


Eggs are packed with nutrition for your dog. Cook them fully to add protein, vitamins, fats, and other nutrients to your dog’s diet.

Can Dogs Eat Feta Cheese

A Little Bit

The high-fat content in feta cheese makes it an unhealthy option for your canine companion.

Can Dogs Eat Fried Eggs


Fried eggs are good for your dog but the higher fat content makes them an unhealthy option compared to boiled eggs.

Can Dogs Eat Goat Cheese

A Little Bit

The high lactose content in goat cheese (and milk) makes it unsafe for your dog to consume.

can dogs eat egg yolk, yes - eggs, yes - feta cheese, a little bit - fried eggs, yes - goat cheese, a little bit

Can Dogs Eat Greek Yogurt


Offer plain yogurt (preferably Greek, for more protein) to your pup to add calcium, probiotics, and protein to their diet.

Can Dogs Eat Hard Boiled Eggs


Boiling eggs for your dog ensures they are fully cooked, packed with nutrients, and low in fat. Do not add spices or salt.

Can Dogs Eat Milk

A Little Bit

Give your dog a small amount of milk as a treat, but avoid excessive consumption as it can cause severe gastrointestinal problems.

Can Dogs Eat Mozzarella Cheese

A Little Bit

Common cheeses are probably safe for dogs to consume, but mind the high-fat content that can cause obesity and other health problems.

Can Dogs Eat Parmesan Cheese

A Little Bit

The saltiness of Parmesan cheese that we have come to love is unsafe for dogs.

Can dogs eat greek yogurt, yes - hard boiled eggs, yes - milk, a little bit - mozzarella cheese, a little bit - parmesan cheese, a little bit

Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs

A Little Bit

While healthy dogs can handle the occasional raw egg, cooked eggs are safer because cooking gets rid of potentially harmful bacteria in eggs.

Can Dogs Eat Scrambled Eggs


Scrambled eggs are a nutritious choice to offer your dog, so long as you do not add spices, salt, or too many fats.

Can Dogs Eat Sour Cream

A Little Bit

If your dog can handle lactose, sour cream is perfectly safe for it to consume.

Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Ice Cream

A Little Bit

You can give your dog strawberry ice cream so long as they aren’t lactose intolerant and the ice cream doesn’t contain toxic ingredients such as xylitol, chocolate, or nuts.

Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Yogurt


Offer strawberry yogurt to your dog if they like it, but make sure there aren’t any artificial sweeteners added.

can dogs eat raw eggs, a little bit - scrambled eggs, yes - sour cream, a little bit - strawberry ice cream, a little bit - strawberry yogurt, yes

Can Dogs Eat String Cheese


While the low lactose levels make string cheese perfect as a doggy snack, make sure to cut it up because stringy cheese is difficult to swallow.

Can Dogs Eat Swiss Cheese

A Little Bit

It’s safe to give your pup moderate amounts of this low-lactose cheese.

Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Ice Cream

A Little Bit

Ice cream is high in lactose which can cause stomach problems for dogs. Offer it only as an occasional treat.

Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Yogurt

A Little Bit

Offer vanilla yogurt only as a treat as the high sugar levels aren’t healthy. Check ingredient labels for xylitol, which is toxic to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream

A Little Bit

Whipped cream is high in sugar and contains lactose, so only offer it as a treat to dogs that can handle lactose.

can dogs eat string cheese, yes - swiss cheese, a little bit - vanilla ice cream, a little bit - vanilla yogurt, a little bit - whipped cream, a little bit

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt


Add yogurt to your dog’s diet for some extra nutrition, especially Greek yogurt for its higher protein content. Make sure it’s plain with no additive or artificial sweeteners.

can dogs eat yogurt, yes
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