Separation anxiety can be a major problem for both you and your pup. Nearly 30% of dogs display signs of distress when their owner leaves – especially for extended periods of time. Calming music for dogs with anxiety can be the best way to address many of the issues you’re facing, including:

  • Whining/Crying
  • Endless Barking
  • Destructive Behavior
  • Spontaneous Aggression
  • Potty Accidents
calming music for dogs with anxiety

Opting to spend a few bucks on calming music for dogs with anxiety can be rewarding for both you and your pet.

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What Causes Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

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There are many reasons a dog might become scared or anxious when their owner leaves. Separation anxiety is more common in older dogs or those that are considered to be rescues. An abrupt change in schedule can trigger separation-induced anxiety.

In some cases, dogs can form unrealistic bonds with their owners. For example, if you find that your dog follows you from room to room even while you’re at home, he or she may be overly dependent upon you.

Generally speaking, you can train younger dogs to cope with the stressors of being left alone easier than older ones. This will allow them to be more independent and enjoy a much better overall quality of life.

But what if your dog already has separation anxiety? Let’s check out a few other signs that your pup is experiencing symptoms of separation anxiety.

Signs Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety

A dog that misses a family member will attempt to surround itself in that owner’s scent until they return. Unfortunately, this behavior can often be destructive.

Dogs are very smart. A dog will usually start to display signs of separation anxiety even before you leave the house. If you notice some of these signs as you prepare to leave, your dog may benefit from dog music:

  • Withdrawn behavior
  • Unwillingness to eat
  • Restlessness
  • Whining or other vocalization
  • Shaking and/or shivering

While you’re gone, your neighbors may also notice:

  • Crying or barking for long periods
  • Signs of aggression

You may also come home to:

  • Destroyed items within the home
  • Accidents when you’re gone
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In addition, dogs with anxiety will usually be overly excited when their owner returns home. While it is normal for your pup to see you arrive home, it’s not normal for them to jump on your or your guests the moment you walk in the door.

Why It’s Important to Treat Dogs with Anxiety

A dog experiencing separation anxiety can be problematic for just about everyone involved – your dog, you, family members, and even neighbors.

For You

soothing dog music for you

It can be heartbreaking and stressful knowing your dog is in distress. You might not be able to focus at work or during activities away from your pup. You might even develop a sort of separation anxiety yourself. If the thought of leaving your house stresses you out, its time to take action.

For Your Pup

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Dogs with anxiety for the long term can lead to potential health risks. The prolonged stress response can lead to hormonal and nervous system disorders. Your dog is also at risk of increased heart rate and high blood pressure, thanks to psychological and adaptive behaviors.

Your dog may also suppress his appetite, leading to physical issues like less energy, weakened muscles, and depleted fat stores. Dietary and gastrointestinal issues can include diarrhea, flatulence, and/or vomiting.

Needless to say, a stressed-out dog is generally a pretty miserable one.

For Your Neighbors

calming dog music for your neighbors

If not for your dog or yourself, you might want to opt for dog anxiety music for your neighbors. Their sanity is at stake. A whiney or yappy dog day-after-day can be a form of cruel and unusual punishment for the people that live around you.

How to Soothe Your Dog Naturally

Music for dogs is a great way to get them some much-needed anxiety relief. But not all music works equally. You might be surprised to learn that there are actual playlists that are specially designed with your dog in mind.

Relaxing Dog Music is calming for your pet in several ways. They’ve curated a 9-hour long playlist for your dog based on proven research. Using specific tones known to appease dogs, they’ve crafted a product that really works.

Check out this video of a pup falling instantly asleep to this calming dog music:

YouTube player

Why Avoid YouTube for Dogs with Anxiety?

While YouTube can be a great place to find music for our human ears, we don’t necessarily recommend it for your pet. Why? Playlists can often go way off the rails, and YouTube ads can pop up at any time. This can lead to ads or music that stresses your dog out all over again.

Why risk it when you can spend a few bucks out of pocket and get a fully curated playlist of calming dog music? Downloads are instant and come with a full money-back guarantee allowing you to try it risk-free.

Steer Clear of Medications to Relax Your Pup

Medications designed to relax your pup can be tricky. Vets will only recommend medicating your pet as a last resort. There are plenty of natural ways to give your dog a relaxing environment where he or she will thrive – even when you’re not home.

What’s the Best Calming Music for Dogs with Anxiety?

We really like Relaxing Music for Dogs because there are a full 9-hours to keep your pup happily chill while you’re away. Gonna be gone longer? No problem. Just set your downloaded music to replay, and you’re good until you can make it home.

Never come home to a stressed-out pup after a long work shift again. With Relaxing Music for Dogs, you’ll get:

  • 4 x Curated playlists for your pup
  • Instant downloads for immediate use
  • Multi-platform downloads (computer, phone, etc.)
  • A helpful doggie anti-anxiety tips and tricks eBook
  • A 100% money-back guarantee
Relaxing Dog Music

Helpful Tip: In addition to calming music for the house, you can also use Relaxing Music for Dogs in the car, or anywhere else your pup tends to feel anxious.

What Behaviors Can Dog Music Address?

Let’s face it. No pup wants to be left alone. Dogs are companion creatures. However, with calming dog music, a pup might even be able to fall asleep while you are away.

Soothing music for dogs can:

  • Distract from destructive behaviors
  • Keep dogs calm during storms
  • Act as a companion for your pet
  • Minimize whining and/or barking
  • Encourage fewer potty “accidents”
  • Prevent long-term health risks
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Even if your dog isn’t showing signs of anxiety while you’re away, Relaxing Dog Music can be beneficial for your pet. Similar to crate training, turning on music each and every time you leave can put your dog in a calmer state of mind.

How Much Does Calming Music for Dogs with Anxiety Cost?

how much does relaxing dog music cost?

Relaxing Dog Music is a small investment towards your pups’ overall well-being. It can also give you peace of mind knowing that you’re less likely to walk into a disaster zone when you get home.

For $29.99, you can get a lifetime supply of calming music for dogs with anxiety. Head on to the official Relaxing Dog Music website and get your instant download. You’ll also receive a helpful anti-anxiety eBook on other natural ways to keep your pet happy, healthy, and stress-free.

The best part is Relaxing Dog Music is guaranteed to work. If you find (for whatever reason) that your pup isn’t responding to the music, you can get a full refund within 60-days.

What Do People Have to Say About Dog Music?

People that have tried Relaxing Music for Dogs have nothing but good things to say. Check out a few of the overwhelmingly positive reviews below.

“After 28 minutes my pomeranian finally fall asleep! Thank you! If she does not wake me up at 3 am, my happiness will be complete!!!!” Andriana Lechuga

“Its amazing. I have a 5 pack and one of them just start bullying the others except the alpha. As soon as I started to play this music to them, everyone including the bullyier just got so calm and relaxed. Thanks…” Carlos Rubio

“My dog is anxious all of the time, and he was starting to shiver because he was afraid of something (he is afraid of a lot of things) and I played this and he laid down on my lap and stopped shivering.” Susan Jeffers

And those are just a few of the positive comments we’ve found!

Is Calming Dog Music Right for Your Pup?

After a lot of research into calming music for dogs with anxiety, we’re sure Relaxing Music for Dogs is the best of the best. If you’ve come to the end of your rope and want a natural remedy for your pup’s anxiety, dog music is a great place to start! And with the 100% money-back guarantee, there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

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