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Post Updated: February 2024

Affordable dog training is possible, and group classes aren’t even needed. Whether you’re looking to train an old dog new tricks, or you’re introducing a puppy into the household, we’ve got you covered for 2024 and beyond. Choose one of the many online or virtual courses on our list to correct bad dog behavior today!

An essential part of being a dog owner is training them. We’ve all had the mortifying experience of watching our happy 50lb puppy greet a friend at the door by jumping on them, at least once. 

The truth is training your puppy or adult dog isn’t just good for their manners, it’s good for their well-being. While it would be nice to hire a certified professional dog trainer, not everyone has the budget to pay a professional. 

Finding an effective and affordable dog training program can feel a little like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially with more and more courses popping up online. These courses cover a wide variety of topics and niches, but not all virtual dog training programs are reputable. 

So how do you know which ones will help your dog learn?

Lucky for you we’ve put together a list of affordable online dog training courses based on reputation, dog owner satisfaction, and proven effectiveness. A few even come with money-back guarantees, in case you change your mind. These dog training classes may cover such specialty classes, as:

  • Loose leash walking
  • Therapy dog training
  • Basic training
  • Crate training
  • Basic obedience
  • Advanced skills
  • Trick training
  • Basic manners
  • Dogs who need extra attention
  • Separation anxiety
  • New skills
  • Building confidence
  • Helping shy dogs
  • Helping aggressive dogs

Whether you’re struggling with how to housebreak an older dog or just starting puppy leash training, one of our recommendations may just have the solution you need.

Why Train Your Dog Yourself?

In addition to the financial aspect, there are several reasons why training your dog at home is a fantastic option. Here are just a few:

  • Bond as a pack – By conducting behavioral training at home your pup can learn in their natural environment and you can reinforce your role as the pack leader.
  • Easy to access – Having access to training programs from the comfort of your living room makes it easier to be consistent with training.
  • Comprehensive – Virtual courses offer lessons addressing everything from leash pulling to stubborn puppies to house training.
  • Flexible – An online course is ideal if you have a busy schedule since you can move through lessons at your own pace.

Another benefit of an at-home program is that you can get a jump start on training a new puppy, even before they’ve received their 16-week vaccinations. Since puppies learn nearly four times as fast as adult dogs, you’ll have a major head start.

While pet ownership can be difficult at times, there are plenty of reasons to spend a little extra effort training your pup. Check out our article on the 10 Surprising Physical & Mental Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

We’ve rounded up our top 8 picks for the most affordable training courses for dogs of all temperaments, breeds, and ages. So let’s get to it.

The Most Affordable Dog Training Online & Virtual Courses

avenue dogs questions

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#1 Treatless Dog Training Secrets – Best Overall

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Treatless Dog Training Secrets by Anthony Louis is a powerful technique that’s designed to fix any bad dog behavior while solidifying the bond you have with your pet. Using a once-forgotten European philosophy from the 1900s, the program touts the ability to train any dog – young or old – to obey your every command.

Getting your dog to listen to you 100% of the time – might sound a little ambitious. But, Anthony Louis really knows what he’s talking about. He’s the international best-selling author of “The Dog Training Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know” System.

Throughout his 19-year career, Mr. Louis has helped thousands of people build better relationships with their dogs. With this treatless one-second technique, you can theoretically train your dog better basic obedience the very same day.

What You Get

A proven method that’s incredibly easy to use. You’ll get an instant download when you purchase Treatless Dog Training Secrets so you can start right away. We like all the tips and tricks designed to help you and your family get the dog of your dreams.

In addition, Anthony Louis offers a couple of other pretty impressive perks:

  • UNLIMITED one-on-one live support (via live chat and/or email) for 60-days.
  • LIFETIME access to new content.
  • A training method that is GUARANTEED to work.

Check out Anthony Louis’ impressive virtual dog training for yourself on YouTube. Learn how to correct unwanted dog behavior today!

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How Much Does Treatless Dog Training Cost?

Why pay professional dog trainers when you can get online affordable dog training virtually free? Treatless Dog Training Secrets is a bargain at only $97. You’ll get everything you need to stop bad behavior within hours of your purchase.

If your dog isn’t receptive to treatless training within 30-days, you can easily get a full refund.

Pros & Cons

We’re hard-pressed to find a lot of negative things about Treatless Dog Training Secrets. But, with all affordable dog training guides, there could be some potential drawbacks.

Paws Up
  • Stop bad behavior today.
  • Create a better bond with your pup.
  • Learn to communicate with any dog.
  • Instant download with online support.
  • Lots of free perks.
  • Money-back guarantee.
Paws Down
  • Must keep using methods to see lasting results.
  • It’s not the most affordable virtual dog training.

If these cons aren’t enough to discourage you, you may want to explore Treatless Dog Training Secrets.

Should You Choose Treatless Dog Training Secrets?

Treatless Dog Training Secrets might be a good fit for you and your family if you’re committed to maintaining the communication philosophy. Based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, it’s a good option for dogs of all ages that are expressing bad behavior.

Not sure if Treatless Dog Training Secrets is for you? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

affordable online dog training for pups

#2 Brain Training for Dogs – Best for Stubborn Dogs

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Brain Training for Dogs is the ideal online course for stubborn or difficult pups. It’s a simple training strategy that can be used on any breed to help reveal your dog’s “hidden intelligence” – and effectively eliminate bad behavior.

Adrienne Farricelli is a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer. She uses a gentle, force-free technique that will help address the root cause of behavioral problems. Brain Training for Dogs took Ms. Farricelli 10-years to perfect – but she’s now offering her knowledge to you firsthand. 

By enlisting the help of positive reinforcement, and fun brain games for dogs, you’ll be able to see dramatic results. A smarter dog can take commands easier and understand your expectations – and that’s clinically proven!

What You Get

A fully comprehensive force-free dog training technique. Get instant access to hundreds of dog training blogs as well as a full 7-step course that will have even the most stubborn pup become more obedient with time.

There are 7 modules ranging from “Preschool” to “Highschool” to “University” and ending with “Einstein”. Each module has clear instructions with tons of helpful pictures. That’s right! Your dog will gradually get smarter and smarter through this course.

Brain Training for Dogs customer reviews often note a ton of other perks too! Some of those include:

  • A FULL library of training techniques.
  • 21 easy brain games for dogs.
  • 7 trick training videos.
  • Obedience Training 101 course.
  • Online PRIVATE forum.

Check out a few Brain Training for Dog reviews to see for yourself:

“WOW! Wish we had had this info 3 years ago! In just the last few hours our sibling boys have lowered the intensity and length of barking episodes by at least 50%!!! I can’t wait to see the results a month from now!!” – Diane

“Thanks braintraining4dogs! My problem dog is only on module 3 and what an improvement!” – Peter Squire

“Super awesome course!! We were able to easily understand and apply the instructions with our fur baby Sola.” – Shinobu T.

How Much Does Brain Training for Dogs Cost?

Brain Training for Dogs is a steal at just $47. That’s a great deal but make sure you shop directly from Ms. Farricelli official website. There are a TON of fake courses out there that simply aren’t the real deal.

If you want a quality course designed and perfected over a 10-year period, you’re in the right place. Brain Training for Dogs also comes with a full 60-day money-back guarantee allowing you to try it risk-free!

Pros & Cons

Brain Training for Dogs is a truly affordable dog training tool. However, it might not be for everyone. Take a look at the pros and cons to decide for yourself.

Paws Up
  • Instant access to the entire course + perks.
  • Clear instructions with pictures.
  • Online user forum and community.
  • 21 fun brain games for dogs.
  • Address specific problem behaviors.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Paws Down
  • It takes a lot of effort.
  • Training takes longer than some other techniques.
  • There is a TON of reading material.

Brain Training for Dogs requires a great deal of patience on your part, mainly due to the amount of information you have to absorb. Combined with a little determination, however, you and your pup will reap the benefits.

Should You Choose Brain Training for Dogs?

Brain Training for Dogs offers a lot of benefits – especially for problem or stubborn dogs. Because you’re improving your dog’s intelligence, they’ll be able to understand commands better and understand your expectations for them.

Still not sure if Brain Training for Dogs is right for you? Check out one of our other affordable dog training online courses below!

virtual dog training

#3 The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook – Best for Comprehensive Dog Care

dog solution, dog hacks, puppy hacks

The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook by Duston McGroarty/ Jonathan Gutierrez is a robust guide filled with dog hacks and behavior training secrets for a happier, healthier companion. As a long-time dog owner and an experienced dog trainer, Duston McGroarty knows how hard it can be to keep your dog happy and healthy…and obedient.

Dog won’t listen? This guide shares 73 quick and simple tricks to get your dog to obey every command you give. 

Got a 60lb+ puppy that won’t stop jumping on people? Learn the secret command to end this behavior. 

Whether you’re facing one behavioral issue or many, The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook is a mindfully compiled, affordable dog training tool that may just be too good to pass on.

What You Get

A dog solution manual that will transform your dog for the better. Many of the techniques focus on correcting or adjusting unwanted behaviors your dog exhibits. Other techniques focus on teaching fun tricks that you and your pup can show off to friends.

Unlike other training programs, this unique dog guide expands beyond simple obedience training to include tips and hacks for improving your dog’s total health and well-being. You’ll learn about what natural ingredients you already have at home that can prevent illness, ease injury, repel ticks and fleas, and more!

Additionally, when you purchase The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook you’ll receive 15 Foods That Could KILL Your Dog as a free bonus. This report helps to educate you on what foods you should avoid feeding your dog, even if that food is safe for you.

How Much Does The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook Cost?

The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook is available from the official website for just $21.99

Be cautious about websites that claim to offer a free download of The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook. They are either providing illegal copies or they are not being completely honest about the price. 

Even though the price tag won’t break the bank, you still get a risk-free trial period to test the techniques out for yourself. If you’re unhappy with your dog’s lack of progression during the 60-day trial, you can request a full refund.

Pros & Cons

The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook is a great guide to help you keep your dog happy and healthy while becoming more obedient. According to testimonials and customer reviews, it’s one of the best dog training guides with minimal drawbacks.

Paws Up
  • 112 techniques, tricks, and hacks for teaching obedience.
  • Quiet persistent barking.
  • Cut down on excessive shedding.
  • Learn ways to improve your dog’s diet and choose safe medications.
  • Discover natural ways to prevent future health issues.
  • Puppy hacks to protect your home from unexpected accidents.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
Paws Down
  • All techniques in the guide must be applied to achieve desired results.

We had a difficult time finding disadvantages associated with The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook. Ultimately, however, determining whether the benefits outweigh the drawbacks is up to you. 

Should You Choose The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook?

The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook might be a good choice if you’re interested in a more holistic approach to obedience training. When you follow the secrets of this guide, your dog is sure to be more relaxed, much healthier, and indeed all-around happier.

Uncover your dog’s bad habits – some of which you may even be encouraging – and learn how you can change them with The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook. 

affordable dog training virtual classes

#4 House Train Any Dog – Best for the Puppy That Won’t Poop Outside

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If it’s not already obvious, House Train Any Dog is a singular-focused training program. The idea is that by understanding the ways you may be incorrectly housebreaking your dog and learning proven effective techniques, you’ll be better equipped to successfully potty train your pup. 

Being greeted by your pet’s bathroom accidents after work probably isn’t the welcome home you hoped for when you first brought your pup home. If you’re anything like us, a wagging tail and puppy kisses are much more preferable. 

Lucky for you, that greeting can be a reality with House Train Any Dog. This easy-to-read guide was created by a group of canine experts who utilized dog psychology tests to develop better, more simplified house training techniques for non-experts (aka the majority of dog owners).

What You Get

Instant access to the best house training program designed to help housebreak your pooch in as little as seven days. House Train Any Dog comes with a step-by-step guide packed with techniques, tips, and tricks to walk you through the best and easiest way to potty train your dog, at any age.

Although the primary focus of House Train Any Dog is potty training, the guide will teach you how to:

  • Improve communication between you and your pup regarding bathroom breaks.
  • Improve your dog’s behavior and response to commands.
  • Improve the bond between you and your dog.

This downloadable guide doesn’t require you to have any experience or special equipment to apply the techniques. It does, however, come with illustrated training tactics to help ensure you’ll get optimal results.

How Much Does House Train Any Dog Cost?

If you’re seeking the best method to fully housetrain your dog in less than a week, then you should take advantage of House Train Any Dog’s easy-to-follow guide. For just $28.99 you can learn this quick and easy potty training solution. You may even luck out and they’re running one of their online special discounts.

Order directly from the official website to ensure you gain access to their 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll have up to eight weeks to try these techniques on your pet. If you don’t see a positive change in their bathroom habits simply send an email to get a full refund.

Pros & Cons

In addition to the empowerment associated with taking control of your dog’s house training, House Train Any Dog offers the following benefits with virtually zero downsides.

Paws Up
  • Housetrain your dog in one week.
  • Safe and stress-free last resort for dog potty training.
  • Techniques incorporate positive reinforcement.
  • Learn tips for teaching basic tricks.
  • Easy to follow guide with step-by-step instructions.
  • 60-day risk-free trial period.
Paws Down
  • No physical copy.

It’s no surprise that on our list of virtual and online affordable dog training tools, there are programs that are only delivered digitally. If you prefer to have something you can hold – and you’re not interested in printing it out – this con might be enough reason to skip this program.

Should You Choose House Train Any Dog?

If you’ve been struggling with how to potty train a puppy in an apartment, how to house train a rescue dog, or how to prevent puppy potty training regression – House Train Any Dog may be exactly what you need. 

Need help with bad behaviors other than peeing and pooping inside? Keep reading; we have more virtual training program recommendations below.

house train any dog

#5 Train Pet Dog Generic Dog Training (Free Mini Course) – Best for Budget-Conscious Dog Owners

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Train Pet Dog’s Free Dog Training Mini Course is a video subscription program created by Nancy Richards. The free course offers a wide variety of dog training tips and techniques customized for each breed.

As a fellow dog lover with a passion for dog training, Nancy Richards started Train Pet Dog as a way to educate dog owners on how to properly train their pets. Part of this training program focuses on ensuring the well-being of your dog throughout the training process.

Nancy Richards designed the program after extensive research into the most effective ways to train, maintain, and care for your furry companions. This research includes surveys and questionnaires completed by dog owners from around the world and experimenting with various training techniques.

The responses from the surveys and questionnaires indicated specific hurdles they encountered while attempting to train their pet, which informed what the program addresses. The results of training experiments allowed Train Pet Dog to hone in on what methods work best for various breeds.

What You Get

A breed-specific training program based on research and a passion for dogs. You’ll receive step-by-step training methods delivered straight to your inbox. Discover how each family member can learn the right way to train, allowing them all to become pack leaders in the mind of your dog. 

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience raising and training dogs, this free mini course opens the door for you to learn:

  • The 4 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make
  • 6 Secret Tips for Obedience Training Your Dog
  • 4 Primary Reasons Dogs have Behavior Problems
  • 5 Key Rules of Being Pack Leader
  • 10 Tips for Controlling Your Dog’s Barking

Once you subscribe you receive daily emails specific to your dog’s age and breed with videos and other training materials. Train Pet Dog claims you’ll see positive improvements in your pet in just 17 days.

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How Much Does Train Pet Dog Generic Dog Training Cost?

Train Pet Dog offers two online dog training courses – the Dog Lovers Training Course and the Mini-Course on Dog Training. The Train Pet Dog mini course is a free dog training program for puppy parents on a tight budget.

If you love the tips provided by the free course and want even more, simply pay $67 for their expanded downloadable guide. The Dog Lovers Training Course comes with a money-back guarantee, which shows how much they believe in their training methods.

Pros & Cons

Hundreds of satisfied customers have left reviews for this amazing free course all over the web. Take a look at some of the reasons they love Train Pet Dog’s free mini course – and a few notable downsides.

Paws Up
  • Identify and avoid the most common mistakes in dog training.
  • 6 Secret Tips for Obedience Training Your Dog.
  • Breed-specific dog training tools.
  • Tips for training a stubborn puppy or adult dog.
  • Learn how to un-train bad habits.
  • Step-by-step solutions for the most frequent behavior problems.
  • One-on-one calls with trainers and dog experts.
  • Downloadable guide for offline viewing.
Paws Down
  • Lots of reading is required.
  • Customers report training tips are the same regardless of breed.
  • Multiple issues with customer support were reported.
  • Some customers report problems receiving orders following payment.

Considering this is a free online training course, the drawbacks may not be enough to detract from the benefits you and your dog will experience.

Should You Choose Train Pet Dog Generic Dog Training?

If you’re struggling with taming your dog’s unruly behavior, but don’t have the money to hire a professional dog trainer – Train Pet Dog’s Mini-Course on Dog Training is just what you need.

Not on a strict budget, but still want an affordable dog training option? Keep scrolling for more suggestions.

Dog training mini course

#6 Canine Coach 14-Day Free Trial – Best for Positive Dog Training

online dog training courses free, free dog training

Dog Training Depot offers an affordable virtual dog training course known as the Canine Coach program. This award-winning program is a well-rounded, go-at-your-own-pace course that will bring you and your pup even closer.

Founded by Judith Lowery, a professional hobby breeder, the Dog Training Depot provides all the tools needed to care for your dog from puppyhood to adulthood. In addition to the Canine Coach training module, you can discover nutrition solutions and more in the Dog Training Blog. 

The experts behind the program are certified dog trainers with years of experience who don’t believe that aggression and fear should be part of teaching your dog obedience. They designed the program to address some of the most common behavioral issues dog owners face, such as potty training, nipping, biting, and leash pulling.

What You Get

A self-paced comprehensive training program centered on compassion and fun. Learn how to teach your dog not to jump, bark, pull, or bite, in addition to preventing other unwanted behaviors. 

When you buy Canine Coach you’ll immediately gain access to the following:

  • 24 high-quality training videos complete with milestones.
  • 35 PowerPoint presentations providing training and problem-solving tips.
  • Weekly activity sheets to help track your dog’s progress.
  • One-month subscription to webinars hosted by dog training and behavior experts.
  • Archived webinars focused on specific behavior issues.

The Canine Coach training methods have been proven successful time and time again.

YouTube player

How Much Does Canine Coach 14-Day Free Trial Cost?

You can try the Canine Coach program for two weeks absolutely FREE before choosing to invest in the full 12-week program. You’ll get access to all the videos, webinars, and PowerPoint presentations during the trial.

If you decide to commit and purchase the program for $97, you’ll still have an opportunity to request a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the changes in your dog’s behavior. We doubt you’ll want to though.

Pros & Cons

Canine Coach is a thoughtfully vetted training method packed with tons of great information to help even first-time dog owners confidently train their dogs.

Paws Up
  • High-quality training videos focused on basic, life-saving, and advanced skill commands.
  • Activity sheets, checklists, and tips for tracking progress.
  • Positive reinforcement techniques only; no shouting, hitting, or training collars.
  • Self-paced virtual dog training without the anxiety.
  • Useful tools for how to housebreak an older dog or potty train a stubborn puppy.
  • Successful training methods for all dog breeds and ages.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
Paws Down
  • Pricey compared to alternative online dog training courses.
  • No direct interaction with trainers.

It’s understandable if the cost is a turn-off for some, but when you compare it to the cost of hiring a private dog trainer – it’s a steal!

Should You Choose Canine Coach 14-Day Free Trial?

The Canine Coach training program provides a wealth of information for pet owners spread out among videos, worksheets, and webinars. It’s the perfect program for anyone looking for affordable dog training tools that keep fun at the heart of obedience training.

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#7 Success Dogs – Best for Dogs That Won’t Listen

dog won't listen, why won't my dog listen to me, my dog won't listen to me

The Good Dog Everyday Program is a simple step-by-step training method that guarantees your dog will respond to your obedience commands the first time. Designed by Jean Cote, founder of Success Dogs, The Good Dog Everyday Program has helped hundreds of dog owners for over a decade.

Have you ever asked yourself, Why won’t my dog listen to me? Well, you’re not alone. If you have a puppy, you might think he’ll start listening as he gets older. 

According to Success Dogs, that simply just won’t happen. It’s up to you to teach your dog how to obey your verbal commands. There’s no such thing as a dog that’s too stubborn with The Good Dog Everyday Program, even if you’ve tried and failed at training in the past.

What You Get

A no-frills, force-free training program that focuses on the fundamentals: attention, obedience, and relationship skills. Force-free training simply means this method steers clear of physical corrections, punishments, or other aversives.

Included when you buy The Good Dog Everyday Program:

  • 25 step-by-step video lessons.
  • The Science of Dog Training – Learn what motivates your dog and how to use it to train your dog.
  • Essential Obedience Skills – A 4-step module focused on training your dog to “sit,” “down,” “stand,” and “come.”
  • Useful Obedience Skills – A 4-step module focused on training your dog to “get in,” “look at me,” “playtime,” and “give.”

Success Dogs wants you and your pet to enjoy the training process. After all, a well-behaved pooch that follows commands is a safe and happy pooch.

YouTube player

How Much Does Success Dogs Cost?

The Good Dog Every Day Program can be yours with a one-time payment of $94. Success Dogs frequently has discounts of up to 50% on the program, so make sure you don’t miss out on a deal when it’s available.

Like most quality training programs, Success Dogs offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re like us, this kind of guarantee should reassure you of their trust in your success with The Good Dog Everyday Program.

Pros & Cons

Success Dogs includes quite a few free bonus gifts when you buy their program. 

Paws Up
  • Understand why your dog has “selective hearing” and what you can do about it.
  • Learn to use positive reinforcements strategically.
  • 12+ fun tricks to teach your dog.
  • Free Fido Come! eBook with training games and other training techniques.
  • Free Housetraining 101 eBook
  • Free expert support from Success Dogs founder and team.
  • Lifetime access to courses and videos.
  • 30-day risk-free trial.
Paws Down
  • The program isn’t designed by a certified dog trainer.

Although we could only find one drawback to The Good Dog Everyday Program, it’s significant enough that we had to mention it.

Should You Choose Success Dogs?

Punishment and constant corrections can cause your dog to associate you with fear or pain. The Good Dog Everyday Program uses reward-based or positive reinforcement training methods. Using this approach will ensure your dog makes positive associations and has an enjoyable time learning to listen.

Success Dogs knows all you need is their proven step-by-step training system that’s so easy to follow it only takes 15 minutes a day.

dog won't listen, why won't my dog listen to me, my dog won't listen to me

#8 K9 Training Institute – Best for All Levels of Training

last resort for dog potty training, house training a rescue dog, puppy potty training regression, how to potty train puppy in apartment, puppy wont poop outside

The K9 Training Institute offers programs that teach you the same tactics used to train service dogs, so you can have a calm, well-behaved pup. Every K9 Training Institute (K9TI) program is built upon an understanding of dog psychology, as well as animal behavior research. 

Dr. Alexa Diaz, the founder of K9 Training Institute, holds a Ph.D. in Animal Behavior. She spent over 20 years working for one of only two nationally recognized service dog training organizations in the United States.

Leash training a puppy or adult dog may very well be the most frustrating part of dog ownership. Yet it’s essential since daily walks are important for the health of your doggie (and you!). K9TI programs teach you how to train your pup, regardless of age and breed, to take instruction well – whether you’re at home or out on a stroll.

What You Get

A research-backed training method used to train service dogs. The free workshop presented by K9 Training Institute follows a 3-pronged approach focused on conditioning, body language, and the understanding that all dogs have a task to do. 

You can expect to complete the workshop with a new understanding of how to:

  • Respond to your dog’s excessive barking.
  • Stop your dog from pulling on its leash.
  • Handle greeting people at the door.

If you’re interested in taking your pet’s training to the next level, you can sign up for the K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass. The following are things you can learn when you purchase the Masterclass:

  • Foundational commands to gain your dog’s complete attention.
  • Techniques to stop chewing, nipping, and begging.
  • How to teach your dog impulse control and manners.
  • How to interpret your dog’s body language.
  • How to prevent or stop aggression.
  • How to teach curb awareness.
  • How to get your dog to come when called.
  • How to teach your dog to respond to people and other dogs in public.

According to K9 Training Institute, the training techniques showcased in both the free workshop and Masterclass will work for all dog breeds, including smaller dogs. The methods you’ll learn from K9TI will benefit your furry companion no matter their age or breed.

YouTube player

How Much Does K9 Training Institute Workshop Cost?

Nothing at all – it’s free! 

From the comfort of your home, you’ll be able to participate in the workshop presented by K9 Training Institute without spending a dime. You and your dog can take advantage of this research-backed virtual training program that has been used to train service dogs.

If you think you need more training after completing the workshop, K9 Training Institute offers a Total Transformation Masterclass as well. The 10-week training costs $297 and includes weekly Q&A calls with training experts.

Pros & Cons

The K9 Training Institute Masterclass is the most expensive virtual dog training program on our list – and with good reason. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at the pros and cons and decide for yourself.

Paws Up
  • Experience- and research-backed training program.
  • Discover secrets to correct behavioral problems.
  • Understand how your dog interprets your actions.
  • Learn how to become the pack leader and train using your body language.
  • Understand the importance of your mindset when training your pup.
  • Gain access to methods used by professionals in the service dog training industry.
  • Training techniques that don’t rely on treats or food bribes.
  • Customer support is very responsive.
Paws Down
  • Some customers have reported issues with pausing or replaying certain portions of the workshop videos.
  • Must purchase Masterclass to access all training techniques, including step-by-step instructions.

The overwhelmingly positive reviews from users of the program are proof that many dog owners believe K9 Training Institute’s free workshop and Masterclass are worth the investment.

Should You Choose K9 Training Institute Workshop?

K9 Training Institute’s free workshop and Masterclass go further than other training programs that only provide training techniques. K9TI teaches you how your dog’s brain is wired, how to improve communication with them, and how to avoid accidentally encouraging bad behavior.

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Which Affordable Dog Training Online Course is the Best Fit for You?

The best person to determine which virtual training program is right for you and your pup is you. You’ll want to choose a program that fits your pet’s character and temperament. And having a clear understanding of your goals or desired outcomes will also influence your decision.

While nothing beats an in-person certified trainer if you’re short on time and money a virtual training course is your best bet. Training your dog doesn’t have to be a hassle; with the right program, it can be a beautiful bonding experience for your whole pack.

Did you find this article helpful? If so, please share to help other dog owners like you find affordable dog training today!

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