If you have a special occasion coming up in a few days that warrants you to get a gift — especially for a dog lover in your life — the options may seem endless to choose from. There are just so many great dog-themed gifts out there!

Fortunately for you, we’ve made a list of the best gifts for dog lovers on Asobubottle.com, Amazon, and Etsy to make shopping for the dog lover in your life much easier. 

And who knows, maybe you’ll end up finding some great gifts to snag for yourself as well!

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers - Asobubottle.com, Amazon, & Etsy

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gift for dog lovers Asobubottle logo

Searching for a unique and useful gift for dog lovers? If so, Asobubottle is something that you should definitely consider looking at.

There are a ton of great products throughout the site that make great gift-giving options for just about anyone or any occasion!

#1 Pick for Best Gifts for Dog Lovers AsobuBottle.com Dog Bowl Bottle

Gifts for Dog Lovers Asobubottle.com

This product is one of the best and most convenient dog bowl bottles you can find! 

The innovative bottle is ideal for individuals who love taking their furry loved ones on runs, hikes, and leisurely walks.

The product is made of premium-quality materials and features a vacuum-insulated, double-wall design that can help keep water cold for up to 24 hours or more!

Moreover, it comes in a variety of quirky colors and designs that not many other dog bowl water bottles offer. 

Plus, with its detachable bowl and easy-to-grip handle, the Asobubottle makes it super convenient to carry your pooch’s water with you wherever you go.

And the best part? 

You don’t ever have to worry about returning it — Asobubottle offers hassle-free refunds on all products as well as a lifetime warranty!

All-in-all, at $34.99 it’s not a bad deal for a product that should last you a lifetime. 

Lastly, Asobubottle also offers a lightweight bottle alternative that is made of different materials. It features a silicone detachable bowl instead of stainless steel one and is listed for only $24.99.

Key Features:

  • 100% BPA free
  • 1L (33 Oz) water storage capacity
  • Dimensions — 5.75” X 4.25” X 9.5” 
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Detachable bowl at the base to store dog food or water inside
  • Anti-slip base
  • Double wall, vacuum-insulated design with copper lining
  • Free shipping over $50, hassle-free return policy, and lifetime warranty
  • Dishwasher safe

We think this might just be the best gift for dog lovers on Asobubottle.com. However, don’t fret if it’s not the ideal choice for you! Check out some of our other options below!

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers – Fiverr

We love buying gifts for our dog lovers from Fiverr because it offers so many unique choices. Want a hand-painted watercolor of your friend’s favorite pooch? Head to Fiverr. A 3D model of a recently deceased pet as a remembrance? Head to Fiverr. There are so many creative artists on Fiverr that you’re sure to find something special.

cute dog drawings - realistic art

#1 – Jay will Create any Stuffed Plushie Animal you Want

Jay is a full-time crafter with shops on numerous different platforms. For this Fiverr gig, Jay will hand-sew a plush stuffed animal from your exact specifications. Just send Jay a picture of any pet, and Jay will create a 6-12” plush toy in about 10 days.

Imagine how excited someone would be to open up their new gift and find an exact replica of their little fur-baby staring right back at them. This would make an exceptional gift for a new puppy owner, or even as a remembrance for a pet that has passed.

Jay offers three different plushie packages; a basic package with just a little detail, a standard package with moderate detail, and a premium package with fine detail. Jay asks that you message them with all of your details before purchasing the gig.

Jay’s ratings on Fiverr are very good, with an average 4.6-star rating for this gig, and an overall rating of 4.7 over all of the gigs. Reach out to them with your ideas and in just 10 days you or your loved one will be in possession of the cutest, personalized stuffed plushie.

#2 – How About giving the Best Gift for Dog Lovers – Health and Piece of Mind

That’s exactly what you’ll be giving when you gift your favorite dog owner this Fiverr gig from our on-staff vet, Dr. Saba. Dr. Saba is a licensed veterinarian who offers remote veterinary services on Fivver. Granted, she’s not going to be doing any surgical procedures remotely, but he can tell you if you should be worried enough to make a trip to the vet

Basically, purchase the gig from Fivver, then when the dog owner has a vet-related question or concern, they can video chat with Dr. Saba online to see if they have a valid concern. The cost of each consultation is $5, and you can buy multiple gigs for multiple consultations.

This would be a great gift for a new puppy owner or someone with an older dog with some health concerns. By using Dr. Saba online, you can avoid expensive trips to the vet for an issue that could have just been resolved at home with a certain shampoo or over-the-counter medication.

Dr. Saba’s clients love her, and her reviews are a 100% perfect 5-star rating. Gift this gig to your friend, and they’ll not have to worry about expensive vet trips, or trying to use Google to diagnose their dog. This is probably one of the most considerate gifts you could give a dog lover.

#3 – How About a Personalized Pet Portrait as a Special Gift for Dog Lovers?

Is your dog lover a fan of art? Maybe a hand-drawn portrait in graphite of their fur baby would be the perfect gift for them? For this Fiverr gig, Igus Art will draw any dog or puppy, from whatever picture you supply them with.

There are a couple of options here; after hand-drawing the puppy portrait you can either have them electronically send you a hi-resolution scan of the drawing, or you can pay for shipping and receive the actual drawing.

There are three levels of graphite drawings to choose from, all are 8.5×11” in size. The basic package is a detailed hand-drawing of the pup’s face and head. The standard package is a full-body graphite drawing of the pup, and the premium package is a full-body portrait with a background scene.

Your puppy-owner is going to love receiving this unique and personalized gift and will be able to cherish it forever. If you think a pet portrait is a good gift, but not interested in this one, check out our blog post on the cutest dog drawings you can buy. 

#4 – Design Small Statues for 3D Printing

Bear with me here. This is a 2-part Fiverr purchase, and really only for someone special. The finished product will be created by the Fiverr seller below this one. This Fiverr seller, Ross, is an Italian sculptor who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan.

His specialty on Fiverr is designing and creating digital files of any figure you can think of, including pets. This would be a great gift for a pet remembrance, a cute alternative to a framed picture, or even a Christmas ornament. 

Just get Ross a picture of the pet you have in mind, and Ross will create a statue in any pose you wish. This is not a last-minute gift idea, though, as digital art takes time, and Ross’ art takes about 10 days.

Ross is a very well-rated Fiverr seller, and every one of his reviews is 5-star. Once Ross has finished your design, simply forward that design to the Fiverr seller next on our list for the finished product.

#5 – High-Quality 3D Printing of your Favorite Pup in any Pose

And here’s the second part of this very special gift. This Fiverr seller, Josh, will take the digital file that Ross created in the Fiverr gig above, and print a 3D model of it. Josh owns numerous 3D printers and can handle any printing job, big or small.

Josh has three different packages for this gig: the basic package which will get you a 3D sculpture 3-5 inches tall, the standard package, which is 4-6 inches tall, and the premium gig, which is 6-9 inches tall.

This would be such a great gift for your favorite dog owner, or even as a remembrance to a pup that has passed. Again, this is not a last-minute gift as the designing gig above takes 10 days, and so does this one. Best to plan ahead with this gift.

Josh is a well-liked seller on Fiverr, and every one of his 525 reviews is 5-star. That’s a lot of happy people. We’re sure you’ll love his work as much as everyone else.

best gift for dog lovers amazon

For most of us, Amazon is our go-to place for shopping online. And for good reason too! Who doesn’t like free 2-day shipping if you’re an Amazon prime member? You’ll benefit from a quality product that’s sure to arrive exactly when you need it!

Already shopping on Amazon? Try adding on some of these delicious dog-friendly beef jerky treats to your order.

Here are our top 5 picks for cool gifts you can buy at Amazon for the special dog lover in your life.

#1 – Whistle Go Explore GPS Dog Tracker

If your dog-loving friend lets their pup play in the yard freely, but is still paranoid about them escaping, consider gifting them the Whistle Go Explore Dog GPS Tracker.

This small lightweight device easily attaches to any dog’s harness or collar and is able to accurately determine their location using GPS technology. It can also record additional data like their active minutes throughout the day.

If a dog goes outside of the designated safe area — for example, the house or yard — the owner will get notified in real-time via the app, text, or email. 

This product has a battery life of up to one week, is waterproof, and has an app available on both Android and iOS.

#2 – Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

For many, one of the best (and perhaps even the most frustrating) parts of having a mixed-breed dog is not knowing what their breed make-up actually is. 

Fortunately, dog DNA kits make it really easy to find out and can be a great gift for those who may want to know more about their furry friend.

This product is created with the help of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and it allows dog owners to get detailed information about their dog’s breed and family tree. 

It takes roughly 2-4 weeks for you to get the results of the test and you can even view them online on Embark’s official website, or even download a report for future reference. 

Another thing we loved about this test is that once you have your results back, you can also connect with other dog owners that share the same DNA as your pooch.

#3 – BarksBar Pet Car Seat Cover

If your friend likes taking their dog out on frequent adventures and road trips, a pet car seat cover could be the ideal gift for them. 

The BarksBar Seat Cover is perfect for protecting your car from any muddy, sludgy, wet, or dirty mess your furry friend makes during your outdoor adventures.

The cover can be used as either a regular seat cover or hammock-style with complete protection over the back of the front seats, the middle seats, as well as the floor.

Plus, with its inbuilt seat anchors and rubber backing, the cover doesn’t slip even as your furry friend moves around to make himself more comfortable.

#4 – Dual Doggie Gel Rope Leash

Anyone with more than one furry friend will know that walking two dogs together isn’t always as easy as it may seem. 

Luckily, Wigzi’s Dual Doggie Gel Rope Dog Leash makes the task much easier and smoother. 

This leash uses two ropes attached to a holder with a built-in 360-degree rotating coupler to ensure a tangle and mess-free walking experience.

Each rope extends 4.5 feet and also features highly reflective stripes for extra visibility for low-light hikes or walks.

#5 – Dog Lover: Adult Coloring Book

If you have a friend that loves coloring just as much as they love dogs, then they’ll definitely like the Dog Lover Adult Coloring Book.

This coloring book features elaborate patterns and designs to create adorable pups that anyone will love coloring in.  It’s printed to order on high-end paper that’s designed not to seep.

Ideal for crayons, colored pencils, and markers alike!

Completely coloring each drawing lets you relax more, just like how puppies do after a long day at the beach!

best gift for dog lovers on etsy

Looking for a gift for dog lovers, and can’t find anything at Asobubottle.com or Amazon? How about something a little more personalized and one-of-a-kind from Etsy?

Etsy is a great way to support local artists while ensuring you still get a quality product.

Below are our 5 favorite Etsy finds for the animal lovers on your shopping list.

#1 – Custom Ceramic Pet Mug

personalized ceramic dog mug

How adorable is this? Who wouldn’t want to start off their day with a good cup of coffee while looking at their precious pet with each sip!?!

This personalized ceramic pet mug allows you to feature a unique picture of your pet on your coffee mug to show off to your best friend or to gift to your dog-obsessed friends.

Simply send in a high-quality picture of your pet with their breed and name and the artist will create a custom mug from your details.

And the best part?

They’re food, dishwasher, and microwave safe!

#2 – Custom Dog Picture Pillow

custom 3D dog pillow printed

This is an amazing present for every animal lover — from moms to dads to kids in college who couldn’t take their beloved pets with them!

Simply send in a picture and they’ll print it on a high-quality pillow and trim it to a shape that best resembles your pup. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy some extra cuddle time with their fur-babe?

You can also choose from a bunch of different sizes ranging from 12 inches to 20 inches. This allows you to completely customize your order for nearly any image.

However, it’s important to remember that these are made-to-order gifts so be mindful of the dates if you’re going to need them by a specific day.

#3 – Beer Bottle Opener For Dog Lovers

beer bottle opener for dog lovers

A manly gift that still makes it clear the love they have for their pooch! 

This custom-made beer bottle opener will definitely be a hit with any beer enthusiast who loves cracking open a cold one with their best friend.

Plus, due to its galvanized steel and wood design, it’ll look great in just about any decor and can stand by itself or be hung. 

The opener itself is well-built and sturdy and lets caps fall flawlessly into the bin at the base. Fairly certain this’ll be great for any occasion!

#4 – Personalized Pet Cookie Cutter

cookie cutter dog personalized #D printed

These cute pup cookie cutters are custom-made using 3D printing technology to look just like your precious pup or pet. 

Perfect for dog-obsessed bakers who love baking dog or human cookies. Just send in the best photo of your furry little friend and you’ll receive a preview before printing.

Better yet! Order these personalized cookie cutters and surprise your dog-loving friends and/or their pup with a batch of adorable cookies they can’t resist!

Wanna learn more about what’s safe for your pup to eat? Check out our in-depth guide to everything your doggie can and can’t eat when it comes to grains, seeds, nuts, and more!

#5 – Personalized Dog Treat Jar

personalized dog treat container for dog gift

Almost every dog owner buys treats to give out to their dogs as a reward for being good pets. However, not everyone has a stylish way to store those treats. 

That’s why this personalized dog treat jar can be a great gift and one that’ll be highly appreciated by anyone who receives it.

It’s simple in design, has a clean look, and fits in well with most home decor styles. Plus, you can add both the dog’s name and breed to it as well.

And we’re sure the pooch will start loving it just as much as the owner once it learns the clink of the lid opening means treats! 

Which Gift for Dog Lovers from Asobubottle.com, Amazon, or Etsy Did You Like Best?

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers Asobubottle.com Amazon Etsy intro

As you can already tell by now, the number of gift options to choose from for dog lovers is almost endless on these three sites. 

However, there’s no need to worry! 

All of the gifts outlined in this post are excellent options and whichever gift you end up choosing is sure to be appreciated and well-received by the dog lovers in your life.

After all, at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts the most!

So, which of the best gifts for dog lovers on Asobubottle.com, Amazon, or Etsy will you choose? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below!

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