Do you know someone who recently got a new puppy? Are you looking for some new puppy gift ideas? It can be tricky for a new puppy owner to have everything they need for their newly-found furry friend. Trust us. There are some pretty important things you can get for a new puppy owner that can make their life a little less hectic in an already busy time!

Our list of new puppy gift ideas spans from things a new puppy owner needs, things the new puppy will want, and stuff that will generally make life easier for everyone involved! Both the puppy and the owner will love receiving puppy gift packages.

In addition, your new puppy owner is not experienced enough to have everything his puppy needs. That is where you can step in and make their life more comfortable with some of our new puppy gift ideas!

If you want to be the hero for your new puppy owner friend, we’ve got you covered! Let’s take a look.

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#1 New Puppy Gift Ideas – Pee Pads

New Puppy Gift Ideas - Pee Pads

The one thing any puppy owner wouldn’t want is peeing around the house. Puppies are usually not potty trained, and they encounter several accidents before they actually how to do their business without creating any mess. That is the reason to put pee pads in number one.

Pee pads can be used for several purposes. Sometimes when you want to go on a trip where your puppy can’t have access to the bathroom, you can use pee pads. Sometimes your puppy gets sick, anxious, or aggressive, causing accidents. Pee pads can help in that situation too.

This pee pad is very awesome. It has five different layers to do the job. The first layer spreads the liquid; the second and fourth layers have the absorptive capacity, the third is super absorptive, and the fifth is a leak-proof plastic layer. All these layers make sure that all the urine gets absorbed inside the pad – not on the floor!

#2 New Puppy Gift Ideas – Healthy Dog Treats

New Puppy Gift Ideas - Healthy Dog Treats

The most enjoyable period a new puppy owner can witness is puppyhood. Getting to know a new pup and their personality is super fun. Puppies need all the energy they can get from a good diet. A puppy needs lots of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients to grow fast.

A supplemental diet such as dog treats can make your puppy live a better life. Dog treats contain several booster nutrients that are essential to be fed in growing age. A new puppy owner may not understand the importance of healthy dog treats – that is where your intervention is necessary.

This brand contains human-grade food ingredients. It means that all the added ingredients are consumable by humans. No ingredient is below legally recognized standards. All the ingredients are selected carefully, considering dogs’ nutritional value and preference making it the perfect choice for a healthy dog treat!

#3 New Puppy Gift Ideas – Teeth Healthy Chew Toys

New Puppy Gift Ideas - Teeth Healthy Chew Toys

A dog does not forget the love of its owners. A dog owner can show love in many ways. One of the ways to show your love is to spend time with him and play games. You can offer different toys to your pet. Teething toys are a good choice because they’re very good for puppies and their dental growth.

Dogs are chewers by nature. They find something hard and easily chewable to kill their leisure time. This behavior helps them reduce stress. If you want to go away for some time, you can provide your puppy with chew toys, and he will remain busy chewing them. It can help reduce separation anxiety.

For a puppy, a chewing toy also helps reduce growing pains in the gums. When the puppy starts growing teeth, its gums start to hurt. A chewing toy can greatly help reduce the pain. It has got soft bristles that can help clean their teeth, reduce tartar and plaque build-up and give a fresh breath to your lovely furry buddy. Definitely a must-have for any new puppy owner!

#4 New Puppy Gift Ideas – Seat Cover

New Puppy Gift Ideas - Seat Cover

It can be really fun to travel with your dog. However, traveling with a dog can bring dirt, slobber, and fur into your car. A seat cover can be a really great gift option for any new puppy owner. Relieve some of their stress with a car seat cover that will make cleanup a breeze!

Puppies enjoy being with their owner, especially when you take your puppy for a ride. Your puppy can take the back seat. This back seat cover is made of soft material to provide a comfortable place for your puppy to sit. In addition, it prevents your car from getting wet with dirty paws.

This seat cover is machine washable. You just need to put it in the washing machine, and you can get your fresh and clean seat cover back. It is easy to use and put in place. It comes with two storage pockets where you can place your puppy’s favorite toys making organization super easy. Any new puppy owner would love to get this as a gift!

#5 New Puppy Gift Ideas – Vet Consults

vet explains

A growing period is a very challenging time for both the puppy and the new puppbbf1f1y owner. Newborn puppies are prone to several infections and diseases because their immune system is in the developing stage. They tend to encounter several unfortunate situations where they may need professional help.

The best help they can get is from a veterinary consultant. A veterinary consultant is essential to guide a new puppy owner about the challenges of the environment, diet, training, and everything a puppy needs. A vet can guide you through different stages of growth. In addition, they can help discuss dietary needs and social needs a dog may face.

You can be very helpful if you provide the contacts of veterinary consults. There are even online vets that can quickly answer questions in case of emergency. The new puppy owner will definitely appreciate that you took the time to ease their burden!

#6 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers –

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers -

If your new puppy owner plans to be on the go, this Aso bottle for dogs is a definitely lifesaver. It’s a high-quality water bottle designed to keep dogs hydrated and happy. Because of the unique insulated style, it’s the ideal new puppy gift for any season too!

The doggie water bottle looks great and is super portable with an easy clip-on design. There’s no need for your new puppy owner friend to rush around trying to get their pup some fresh water whenever the moment strikes. It’s perfect for in the car, on a hike, on a restaurant patio, and everywhere in between.

We like the water bottle so much, it made our list for older dogs too! Check out our Best Gift for Dog Lovers blog post for more ideas!

Make a New Puppy Owner’s Life Easier!

If you’re looking to make a new puppy owner’s life just a bit easier, we suggest a gift package including everything listed above. It might not cost a lot for you, but in the end, these new puppy gift ideas are more valuable than you can imagine! Both your friend and their new pup will thank you for a long time to come.

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Have a dog foster or rescue success story? We’d love to hear that too! Tell us your pup’s heartwarming tale of how you met, the challenges you faced, and of course what your furry friend is up to now! Success stories are a great way to encourage others to choose to rescue!

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