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Doggy Parton is everything we hoped it would be, and more! What could be a better combo than Dolly Parton and dogs? Dolly’s dream of owning a doggy apparel line has finally come true. Doggy Parton is your next one-stop-shop for accessories for your furry friend.

And best yet, the Doggy Parton launched on Amazon so you can shop for your favorite doggy toys, accessories, and clothing super easily! Add items to your cart and get them with your regular Amazon order – easy peasy, right?

Even if you’re not a huge fan of the iconic musician, there are tons of reasons to shop through her site. The items are all high-quality, super cute, and sure to be doggy approved!

Buying from Doggy Parton is a Purchase You Can Feel Good About

That’s right! The country music icon is a big fan of animals which is why her line is designed to help the Willa B. Farms Foundation – a non-profit organization that works to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need.

Willa B. Farms has several locations across the country. They take in animals of all types who are homeless, neglected, abused, or abandoned. The goal is to rehabilitate them and give them a new lease on life!

willa b

If you’re looking for the perfect country-western themed gift for yourself or someone special, why not also help an animal in need? Trust us, the Doggy Parton cuteness-overload will have everyone turning heads too!

What Items Can You Expect to See from Dolly’s Doggy Parton?

Doggy Parton has a wide range of goodies for your furry friend. 

  • Doggie Clothes
  • Dog Toys
  • Pet Collars
  • & Cute Accessories!

We chose a 10 of our favorites below. So, without further adieu, let’s check them out!

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Our Favorite Dolly’s Doggy Parton Clothing

As you’d expect, Dolly’s Doggy Parton clothing options are full of pink, sparkly, and just the right amount of country-western. The line is perfect for pooches of all shapes and sizes. Check out some of our favorites below!

#1 – Pink Cowgirl Collared Dress for Pets

Doggy Parton Store - Pink Cowgirl Collared Dress for Pets

If you want your favorite doggie to be set for the state wherever she goes, this adorable dress will definitely do the trick! We love the details that were put into this Dolly-inspired dress. It comes in a variety of sizes making it a great gift for any sized pooch.

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Pink Cowgirl Collared Dress for Pets
  • Click below for pricing or to buy this super cute dog dress directly from Amazon.

#2 – Be a Dolly Doggie Tee

Doggy Parton Store - Be a Dolly Doggie Tee

It wouldn’t be a true Dolly Parton collection without a “Be A Dolly” pet tee. This cozy outfit is ideal for a no-fuss dog that wants to rock into any setting looking his or her best. Made with high-quality, doggie-friendly material (95% polyester/5% cotton) your pup will stay cool throughout the day and into the night.

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Be a Dolly Doggie Tee
  • Click below for pricing or to buy this adorable doggie tee today, directly from Amazon.

#3 – Blue Vintage-Style Concert Tee

Doggy Parton Store - Blue Vintage-Style Concert Tee

This is the perfect gift for any music fan. It’s a super cozy fit that’s adjustable based on your pet’s size and features the one and only Dolly Parton herself. We love the vintage-style design and pet-friendly material. If that had these in human sizes, we’d be set!

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#3 – Blue Vintage-Style Concert Tee
  • Click below for pricing or to purchase your new puppy tee directly from Amazon.

The Best Doggy Parton Dog Toys for Your Pooch

What doggy wouldn’t want to play all day long with a cute and cuddly toy? Doggy Parton has a ton of super cute options for pets big and small. Whether you have a puppy or a puppy at heart, you’re sure to find a toy for them. Looking for more doggy gifts? Check out our article on best gifts for dog lovers!

#4 – Dolly Heritage Signature Guitar Plush

Doggy Parton Store - Dolly Heritage Signature Guitar Plush

We’re obsessed with this plush toy and we think your dog will be too! It’s inspired by Dolly’s first acoustic guitar, and even features her signature! This adorable plush also has a squeaky toy inside so your pup can play his favorite tune while playing with his new favorite toy.

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Dolly Heritage Signature Guitar Plush
  • Click below for pricing or to purchase directly from Amazon.

#5 – Sparkle Microphone Plush Pull-Rope

Doggy Parton Store - Sparkle Microphone Plush Pull-Rope

Give your pooch a voice of his own with this super adorable microphone toy. It’s Dolly-approved, Avenue Dogs-approved, and we’re pretty sure it’ll be doggie-approved too! If you want a super cute toy that’s also strong enough for your little puller, then this is the pull toy for you. They’ll happily be entertained with a game of tug-of-war, then settle down for some good gnawing action before heading to puppy dreamland.

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Sparkle Microphone Plush Pull-Rope
  • Click below for pricing or to purchase directly on Amazon.

#6 – Dolly Signature Plush Butterfly Toy

Doggy Parton Store - Dolly Signature Plush Butterfly Toy

Designed to mimic Dolly Parton’s personal tattoo, this cute plush butterfly toy is sure to win your doggy’s heart. It’s made with high-quality materials and even has a squeaky toy inside making it extra fun. This Doggy Parton pastel plush is great for dogs big and small with just enough detail to entertain any pooch for hours at a time.

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Dolly Signature Plush Butterfly Toy
  • Click below for pricing or to buy directly from Amzon today!

Super Glam Doggy Parton Collars, Leashes, & Harnesses

Heads are sure to turn when you walk your pup with a super glam dog collar or leash from the Doggy Parton collection. If your dog demands attention, they’re sure to get it with one of these collars, leashes, and harnesses!

#7 – “Spoiled” Safety Dog Harness

Doggy Parton Store - “Spoiled” Safety Dog Harness

What doggie doesn’t deserve to be spoiled? Well, she certainly can with this rhinestone-covered safety dog harness. There are several sizes available so make sure to measure your pup first to get the coziest size for her. She’s sure to be rockin’ this style with a little extra pep in her step!

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“Spoiled” Safety Dog Harness
  • Click below for pricing or to purchase this cute shirt for your pampered pup.

#8 – His/Her Doggy Collar and Leash Set

3 pane design for doggy parton

This adorable collar and leash set comes in two styles – one for him, and one for her. His is a super adorable red and white plaid that features a bow tie. Hers (pictured) is full of glitz and glam with pink sparkles. We can’t decide which we like more!

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#8 – His/Her Doggy Collar and Leash Set
  • Click below for pricing or to purchase this super-cute leash directly from Amazon.

Doggy Parton Must-Have Accessories

What apparel line would be complete without accessories? Certainly not one created by Dolly Parton! We’re happy to say Doggy Parton Doesn’t disappoint when it comes to accessorizing! Take a look at a few must-have accessories for your favorite pooch.

#9 – Country-Western Cowgirl Hat for Pets

Doggy Parton Store - Country-Western Cowgirl Hat for Pets

That’s right! Doggy Parton has a variety of oh-so-cute accessories designed to make your pup the belle of the ball. This faux fur and gold tiara hat probably won’t be worn on a daily basis but it’s sure fun to accessorize for special events. It’s super cute and super secure too with a pet-friendly elastic chin strap.

Country-Western Cowgirl Hat for Pets
  • Click below for pricing or to purchase this pretty lil’ hat for your pup.

#10 – Butterfly Necklace for Dogs

Doggy Parton Store - Butterfly Necklace for Dogs

Who says dogs can’t accessorize? If anyone can make doggie jewelry a thing, it’s definitely Dolly Parton! This lovely necklace is sure to make your pup feel like a princess wherever she goes. It’s pink, sparkly, and oh-so-glam! Just be sure to remember, that this easy-to-put-on accessory is for aesthetics only and should not be used as a collar or with a leash.

61cTvc+7JLL. AC SY300 SX300
#10 – Butterfly Necklace for Dogs
  • Click below for pricing or to buy this super cute necklace for your pup.

What’s on Your Dolly’s Doggy Parton Wish List?

Do you plan to buy from Dolly’s Doggy Parton Amazon site? If so, tell us your favorite items in the comment section below. We’re excited to see what items she adds to the ever-growing collection next!

Have a dog foster or rescue success story? We’d love to hear that too! Tell us your pup’s heartwarming tale of how you met, the challenges you faced, and of course what your furry friend is up to now! Success stories are a great way to encourage others to choose to rescue!

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