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Looking for unique and personalized gifts for the new puppy owners in your life? Why not commission some cute dog drawings from one of the talented artists on Fiverr?

There are tons of different styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that suits your friend’s taste. 

And the best part? These personalized gifts for new puppy owners don’t cost a fortune – most of them start at just $5!

So if you’re looking for a fun and thoughtful gift that won’t break the bank, be sure to check out the amazing Fiverr dog art gigs below!

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Cute Dog Drawings – Line Art 

cute dog drawings - nanasutrisna

What sets line art dog drawings apart from other forms of pet art is that they are simplistic yet expressive. 

So, if you are looking for cute dog drawings that are both unique and stylish, look no further than these gigs on Fiverr:

Nana can Turn Your Furry Friend Into Line Art Starting At Just $5

draw line art your cat dog and pet animal

Nana’s one-of-a-kind, realistic-looking line art can be the perfect gift for the special dog-lover in your life and one that they’ll definitely cherish for a long time!

Not only do you get a high-quality product, but you also have the flexibility of choosing between three different types, depending on your budget!

The product comes in three different forms, you can get a headshot for $5, a half body piece for $10, and a full body picture for $15. 

The reason why this seller made our list and is so highly rated is that their delivery time is super quick. Once you place your order, you will receive your high-resolution product in just 1 day! 

Personalized Line Art From Afkar For Just $5

create vector illustration line art for pet dog cat portrait image in 24 hours 2014

If you are in the market for some simple yet elegant black and white illustrations then this line art might be what you’re looking for. Afkar can create high-quality line and vector dog art for you for just $5.

The dog art is created manually with a rough turnaround time of 7 days. And the best thing about the seller is that he has hundreds of positive 5-star reviews and a history of quick response times.

Get Your Hands On Pet Line Art Drawings From Wildan For Just $5

make betta fish and others into cartoons

Wildan offers to create line art drawings of any pet or animal you want starting at just $5 for the basic package. 

What we love about Wildan is that he offers a super-fast turnaround time of just 3 hours! Perfect for if you’re in a time crunch!

The basic package includes a headshot for $5, the standard package includes a half body picture for $10 and the premium package includes a full body picture with unlimited revisions for $20.

Line Art Drawings With A Pop Of Color From Joko For $10 

turn your dog or cat into unique style one line art drawing

Joko’s line art drawings are perfect for anyone who wants to add a little bit of color to their dog drawings without going too crazy.

You can get this manually drawn, high-quality product delivered to you in just 2 days and you have the option of getting it framed as well! 

Plus, you also have the extra option to customize the colors used in the dog drawings according to your liking.

And for just $10, you really can’t go wrong.

Cute Dog Drawings – Realistic Dog Art

cute dog drawings - realistic art

If you want a more realistic portrayal of your beloved pup, then these Fiverr gigs offering realistic dog drawings can be perfect!

Get A Realistic Watercolor Portrait Of Your Pet From Nira For Only $25 

draw realistic art portrait of your cat dog or any pets

Watercolor paintings have a certain ethereal and dreamy quality about them that we just can’t get enough of. 

And Nira’s Fiverr gig that offers digital watercolor dog drawings is no exception!

This full-body watercolor portrait costs only $25 and can be the perfect piece of art for your living space. 

Plus, due to being so affordable, it can also be used as great personalized gifts for new puppy owners. 

Digital Hand Drawn Portraits From Fantuzura For $75

draw portrait of your pet in my watercolour style

Fantuzura is a 5-star Fiverr seller that provides very realistic and high-quality portraits in the form of digital watercolor art. 

For $75 you get one hand-drawn headshot with a size of 3600×3600 pixels. The background of each photo is also drawn manually by the artist to make sure each work of art is nothing short of perfection. 

These high-resolution water-color dog drawings take 10 days to deliver. And for an extra $5, you can also add your pet’s name to the portrait. 

Cute Dog Drawings – Caricature Art

cute dog drawings - caricature art

Looking for something a little more fun and whimsical? Then check out these Fiverr gigs that offer caricature and cartoon art of dogs!

Create A Caricature Avatar For Your New Puppy From Venice For $35 

draw superb cartoons from your pet animals picture

Caricature art is perfect for anyone who wants a light-hearted, exaggerated, and fun representation of their furry friends in the form of cute dog drawings.

One high-resolution portrait from Venice comes at a $35 price tag and you’ll receive a 5000-pixel portrait within 3 days. 

You can also jack up the background and text design, as well as receive the editable source file for an extra price. 

Get Custom Cartoon Portraits For Your Furballs From Kuro For $5

draw custom cartoon portrait of your dog cat or any pet into cute kawaii art

Kuro is a Fiverr artist who specializes in creating custom cartoon portraits of your dogs for just $5. You can even get a portrait of your own dog and turn it into a fun and festive gift for the holidays!

Kuro offers three different hand-drawn portrait packages; the basic for $5 with no color, the standard for $15 with color, and the premium for $25 with color, as well as extra objects and costume options. 

All three packages are for full body images of your pet and the delivery time is only 5 days.

Cute Dog Drawings – Digital Art

cute dog drawings - digital art

If you’re looking for something a little more modern and digital, then these Fiverr gigs offering geometric and pop art might be more your style.

Pimp Out Your Cute Pup With Some Colorful Pop Art From Nawang For Just $5

draw a dog cat or any pet into pop art

This fun and colorful style of dog art is the perfect way to show off your pup’s personality – and make a bold statement in your home.

In just 2 days and for just $5, you will receive a high-resolution jpeg file that you can print out and frame.

Nawang’s cute dog drawings come at three different pricings: a headshot for $5, a half body piece for $10, and a full body shot for $20. 

Try Out Geometric Style Art From Soufiane For Your Pet’s Next Portrait For $5

draw your pet dog cat in polygonal geometric art

This modern and minimalist style of dog art is perfect for anyone who is looking for something a little different.

You can get your hands on these unique, geometrical art pieces for just $5. The full package will include Jpeg and png files along with a colored geometric design of your pet. 

The best thing about this seller is that they offer up to 4 revisions and a quick delivery time of just 48 hours, even in the basic package!

Top 20 FAQs About Giving Cute Dog Drawings as Gifts

#1 What are cute dog drawings?

Cute dog drawings are artistic renditions of dogs, often highlighting their charming features and unique personalities.

#2 Why are cute dog drawings popular gifts for pet lovers?

These drawings capture the essence of a pet, making them deeply personal and sentimental gifts for pet enthusiasts.

#3 How do I choose the right style of cute dog drawings for a gift?

Consider the recipient’s preferences. Some might like realistic art, while others prefer caricatures or abstract styles.

#4 Can I get customized cute dog drawings based on a photograph?

Absolutely! Many artists use photographs to create bespoke dog drawings tailored to your pet’s likeness.

#5 How long does it typically take to receive one of these drawings after ordering?

It varies by artist, but generally, digital drawings are quicker, often delivered within a week, while traditional art may take longer.

#6 Are cute dog drawings expensive?

Prices range based on the artist’s reputation and the medium used. However, there are options available for all budgets.

#7 Do artists provide a physical copy or a digital version of the cute dog drawings?

It depends on the artist. Some offer digital files, while others send physical copies. Always check the product description.

#8 Can I request changes to the drawings if I’m not satisfied?

Many artists offer revisions. It’s essential to communicate your preferences and feedback for the best outcome.

#9 What’s the best way to display cute dog drawings?

Frame and hang them in a spot away from direct sunlight to ensure longevity.

#10 Can cute dog drawings be used on merchandise like t-shirts or mugs?

Yes, especially if you receive a digital version. However, always ensure you have the rights to reproduce the artwork.

#11 Is it possible to get a series of cute dog drawings of different pets?

Certainly! Artists often offer package deals or discounts for multiple drawings.

#12 How do artists ensure the likeness in their cute dog drawings?

Artists use reference photos and detailed descriptions to capture the pet’s unique features and personality.

#13 Can I get a background or scene added to the cute dog drawings?

Many artists offer background additions, either as part of the package or for an extra fee.

#14 Do artists need a high-resolution photo for creating cute dog drawings?

A clear, high-resolution photo often yields better results, but most artists can work with standard photos too.

#15 What if the pet has passed away and I only have old photos?

Artists can still create cute dog drawings from older photos. It’s a beautiful way to commemorate a beloved pet.

#16 How can I ensure the longevity of cute dog drawings on paper?

Use UV-protective glass when framing and avoid placing the artwork in humid areas.

#17 Can I get cute dog drawings in black and white or only color?

Both options are available. Many artists offer drawings in monochrome or vibrant colors.

#18 Are there copyright restrictions with cute dog drawings?

Typically, the artist retains copyright. If you wish to reproduce the artwork, ensure you have the necessary permissions.

#19 Can I get cute dog drawings of other animals, not just dogs?

Yes, many artists who specialize in dog drawings can also capture the likeness of other pets.

#20 What makes cute dog drawings special compared to regular photos?

Drawings add an artistic touch, capturing not just the appearance but the essence and character of the pet in a unique way.

Cute Dog Drawings Make the Best Gifts for New Puppy Owners and Seasoned Pet Lovers, Alike

Whether you’re searching for gifts for new puppy owners or just love collecting cute dog drawings for yourself, these easy dog drawing ideas on Fiverr offer high-quality and affordable dog art that will make your home décor pop.

Not only are they perfect for personal use, but these portraits can also be great as personalized gifts for friends and family who own pets. 

Not loving our artist picks? There is a collection of hundreds of other pet artists on Fiverr you can search for. We’re sure you’ll find someone you love. You can check out all of the pet artists, below. If you find one you love, please let us know in the comments.

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