We all want our dogs to smell amazing, but with so many colognes on the market, it can be hard to choose the right one. In this blog post, we’ll help you sniff out (pun intended) the best dog cologne spray for your pup.

We’ll give you a few things to keep in mind when choosing a scent, as well as our top picks for both fresh and floral scents.

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The Best Dog Cologne Spray – The Floral Scents

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a fresh, clean dog. But sometimes, even our furry friends need a little help smelling their best. That’s where dog cologne spray comes in! We’ve rounded up our top five picks for the freshest (and most stylish) floral scents for your pup.

#1 – Lambert Kay Fresh Floral Scent Cologne

Always wanted your furry friend to smell like the fresh flowers in your garden? If yes, then this wonderful Lambert Kay fresh floral scent is here to make your dream turn into reality. 

Best Dog Cologne Spray - Lambert Kay Fresh Floral Scent Cologne

The best thing about this cologne is that it isn’t the kind that fades away from your pooch after a short while. Thereby, saving you from the hassle of having to reapply it over and over. 

However, as the key ingredients of this cologne include Isobutane (alcohol) and fresh fragrance, it might not be best suited for your baby pup. But, it’s still a great option if your furry friend is already an adult!

Key Features:

  • Available as a 12-ounce aerosol spray
  • Refreshing floral scent
  • Cologne is able to last a long time (2-4 weeks or until the next bath)
  • Comes in a biodegradable bottle

#2 – Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Dog Cologne Spray

If you are looking for an organic cologne for your dog, this Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Spray is probably one of the best you can find. 

Best Dog Cologne Spray - Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Dog Cologne Spray

This essential oil spray is one that is much-loved by anxious and allergy-prone dogs due to its natural and refreshing odor.

To get the most out of this excellent cologne, consider applying it before brushing your pet to get shiny and smooth fur. But, be careful to avoid spraying it directly into the eyes of your precious pup!

Key Features:

  • It’s made using a unique blend of essential oils, aloe vera, and other natural ingredients that can help nourish your dog’s fur. 
  • Toxic chemicals and alcohol-free, making it 100% dog-safe.
  • USA-based brand

#3 – Davis Plum Blossom Dog Cologne Spray

Davis is a reputable USA-based pet brand that has been in the business for over 35 years and one of their best dog colognes is the Plum Blossom, which provides a long-lasting and wonderful scent. 

Best Dog Cologne Spray - Davis Plum Blossom Dog Cologne Spray

Made up of concentrated essential oils and extracted plants, the floral scent of this cologne is one that will make your furry friend infinitely more welcoming and huggable. 

Key Features:

  • One or two spritzes are enough and last for almost four weeks
  • The cologne bottle comes with a convenient sprayer
  • Besides dogs, you can also use it on your cats as well
  • Reputable USA-based brand

#4 – Davis Lavender Magic Dog Cologne

Another fantastic cologne from Davis is the Lavender Magic Dog Cologne. Not only is this cologne budget-friendly but it also comes with a unique feminine lavender scent that will immediately delight pet parents. 

Best Dog Cologne Spray - Davis Lavender Magic Dog Cologne

Plus, as it’s made up of natural oils and plant extract, you can use it on all dogs irrespective of breed and age without worry!

Key Features:

  • An eight fluid ounce cologne bottle with a locking cap
  • Feminine, floral lavender scent
  • Reputable USA-based brand

#5 – PAWFUME “Show Dog” Premium Groomer’s Dog Spray 

Want to give your pup a wonderful salon experience at home? If so, Pawfume probably has the best dog cologne spray for you. 

Best Dog Cologne Spray - PAWFUME “Show Dog” Premium Groomer’s Dog Spray

Not only does this groomer’s dog spray make your pooch smell good, but it also promotes healthy fur growth. 

Plus, it’s also eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and alcohol-free. This means that you won’t be compromising on your dog’s well-being either. 

Use it during the grooming session or after giving a bath to your pup for a long-lasting and heavenly scent all around you. 

Key Features:

  • Veterinarian-certified product
  • The scent is a clean blend of white lily, amber, and powdery musk that lasts a very long time (up to 3-5 times longer than some alternatives)
  • Available in three scents: Show Dog, Blue Ribbon, and Royal Lavender

The Best Dog Cologne Spray – The Fruity Scents

Looking for the perfect dog cologne spray to make your pup smell their best? Check out our top four picks for fruity scents that are sure to please.

#6 – PAWFUME “Blue Ribbon” Dog Cologne Spray

Similar to the last product from PawFume, the Blue Ribbon Groomers Dog Spray has a distinct sweet and fruity scent that keeps your furry fellow pampered and full of beautiful good fragrance. 

Best Dog Cologne Spray - PAWFUME “Blue Ribbon” Dog Cologne Spray

And it’s eco-friendly with all organic ingredients and is a veterinarian-certified product to boot! 

Additionally, the probiotic formula of this cologne can help make your dog’s fur stay healthy, straight, and shiny. 

But the best part? It moisturizes the dry hair and skin of your pup and can help bring it back to life!

Key Features:

  • Veterinarian-certified product
  • A long-lasting scent that features a cocktail of fresh melon, raspberry, and pear
  • Sulfate-free, alcohol-free, and gets rid of pesky static
  • If you buy two Pawfume cologne, you can get an extra 5% discount

#7 – Bark2Basics Salon Scents Dog Cologne Spray

If you are looking for a fresh and fruity scent for your dog, you can’t go wrong with this Bark2Basics Groomer’s Dog Spray Salon Scent. 

Best Dog Cologne Spray - Bark2Basics Salon Scents Dog Cologne Spray

The primary ingredients of this cologne are citrus, reverse osmosis water, and pomegranate, which makes it the ultimate choice for pet stylists. 

Use it on your pooch after a bath, and you’ll feel like he/she just stepped out of a day at the salon! 

Key Features:

  • Alcohol-free, cruelty-free, and biodegradable
  • Has a lasting fragrance and is often used by professional groomers
  • Travel friendly 8-ounce spray bottle
  • Made by a reputable USA-based brand

#8 – Hydra Groomers’ Forever Glow Dog Cologne Spray

Whether you are a pet stylist, a pet owner, or a groomer, the Hydra Groomer’s Forever Glow is something that might just be right up your alley! 

Best Dog Cologne Spray - Hydra Groomers’ Forever Glow Dog Cologne Spray

With notes of orange, Sicilian lemon, jasmine, and other fruity ingredients, it can be one of the best additions to your dog’s bath routine. 

Plus, its perfectly balanced PH makes it ideal for dogs with sensitive skin.

Key Features:

  • The scent features the top notes of orange and lemon with hints of jasmine, rose, and sandalwood
  • This cologne is salt-free, preventing your pup’s skin from dryness and itchiness
  • Its balanced PH makes it ideal for use on pups with sensitive skin
  • It comes in 4 scents: Winner, Velvet, VIP, and Glow

#9 – South Bark’s Clove & Blueberry Dog Cologne

Season Show is a US-based company that deals with all types of pet products. And one of their most popular dog products includes the South Bark’s Clove & Blueberry Dog Cologne, which is made of blueberry and fresh cloves that is able to give your pet a juicy and long-lasting scent. 

Best Dog Cologne Spray - South Bark's Clove & Blueberry Dog Cologne

Just spray this on your dog and get ready to be the most popular pet parent in the town!

Key Features:

  • A long-lasting and refreshing blueberry dog cologne for your pups
  • PH is maintained at a level that is only suitable for dogs and therefore, the scent can’t be used on cats
  • Made in the USA

The Best Dog Cologne Spray – The Baby Powder Scents

Are you looking for something a little more “clean-smelling” for your pup? These four baby powder-scented dog colognes will have your little guy smelling shower fresh, all day long.

#10 – Crazy Dog Baby Powder Cologne Spray

It’s no secret that there are tons of colognes filled with toxic chemicals available on the market that can harm your pup’s skin. However, this isn’t the case with this Crazy Dog Baby Powder Cologne

Best Dog Cologne Spray - Crazy Dog Baby Powder Cologne Spray

One of two spritzes of this cologne on your dog can help detangle and moisturize their fur without having to worry about it harming your best friend’s skin. 

And as high-quality fragrance oils are used in its manufacturing, they’ll stay a little longer on your dog, keeping the little guy clean and fresh till it’s time for his/her next bath!

Key Features:

  • A professional groomer’s dog spray that lasts a long time
  • Perfect for all dog breeds and sizes
  • Apply it before combing to enjoy a smooth and quick combing experience
  • Made in the USA

#11 – Bodhi Dog Premium Scented Natural Dog Cologne

Bodhi Dog is a small business located in South Florida that produces some top-notch dog colognes. And their Premium Scented Natural Dog Cologne is considered one of their best dog colognes due to its all-natural natural, local, and cruelty-free ingredients. Plus, it boasts packaging that is also biodegradable and contains recyclable material.

Best Dog Cologne Spray - Bodhi Dog Premium Scented Natural Dog Cologne

So, if you’re ever in a situation where you don’t have enough time for a pet bath, keep this cologne handy to help keep any and all foul odor away from your little pup.

Key Features:

  • The cologne features conditioner-like characteristics that keep the dog’s fur soft and shiny
  • It doesn’t contain any sticky residue or parabens
  • Not as long-lasting as some of the other leading colognes (will only stay on your dog for a few days)
  • Made in the USA

#12 – Harbor’s Baby Powder Scented Dog Cologne Spray

If you’re someone who doesn’t like overpowering or feminine scents, this dog cologne from Harbor might be perfect for you

Best Dog Cologne Spray - Harbor's Baby Powder Scented Dog Cologne Spray

Not only is it budget-friendly, but it also offers multiple scent options. The cologne scent features top notes of clean ozone, citrus, and a little touch of cherry and jasmine that helps eliminate any and all unpleasant smells. 

Besides, pet owners, pet groomers, and stylists also love and recommend this refreshing scent. What else could you ask for?

Key Features:

  • It’s available in 8 different scents and doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients
  • Cruelty-free and pet-friendly cologne with biodegradable packaging
  • Made by a USA-based company

#13 – Oster Baby Powder Cologne Spray for Dogs

Need a beautiful scent for your pup that you can carry around? Well, then this convenient Oster Baby Powder Cologne could be the best dog cologne spray for you!

Best Dog Cologne Spray - Oster Baby Powder Cologne Spray for Dogs

Its alcohol-free and essential oil formula keeps your dog’s coat fresh and clean. And if you use it long enough, you’ll also start noticing your dog’s hair replenishing and getting adequate moisture from this cologne.

Key Features:

  • Toxic chemicals and alcohol-free 
  • Purely made in the USA
  • Available in different intoxicating fragrances

The Best Dog Cologne Spray – Gift Packs

Looking for the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life? Check out our top-rated dog cologne gift sets! These fun fragrances are sure to make any pup feel spoiled, and they make a great addition to any dog’s grooming routine.

#14 – Bodhi Dog Holiday Dog Cologne Bundle – Holiday Cider, Pumpkin Spice, & Winter Wonderland

Is the birthday of your best friend, who’s also an avid pet lover, coming up? Are you confused about what to get them? Consider getting your hands on this beautiful set of Bodhi Dog Holiday Cologne Bundles

Best Dog Cologne Spray - Bodhi Dog Holiday Dog Cologne Bundle

Each bottle contains a conditioner formula that helps smoothen your dog’s fur and prevents them from drying up. It also works like a treat in eliminating all pet-related tangling and messy hair issues!

Key Features:

  • The package includes Holiday Cider, Pumpkin Spice, and Winter Wonderland colognes
  • Veterinarian and groomer recommended product
  • The colognes don’t leave any sticky residue or dirty mess after application
  • Animal-cruelty-free and eco-friendly product
  • Made in the USA with locally sourced products

#15 – Bodhi Natural Cologne Bundle – Baby Powder, Lilac, & Sugar Cookie Dog Cologne

Here’s another versatile and beautiful scented bundle of Bodhi Natural Cologne that can be a perfect gift for your pet-loving friend or family. 

Best Dog Cologne Spray - Bodhi Natural Cologne Bundle

The Sugar Cookie Dog Cologne included in this set makes your dogs smell like they just came out of a day of pampering at the spa. While the Lilac and Baby Powder scents provide a sweet blooming and refreshing lilac-like smell that can get rid of even the strongest of odors.

Key Features:

  • A gift set of 3 long-lasting colognes including Bodhi’s Baby Powder, Lilac, and Sugar Cookie Dog Cologne
  • Made using naturally sourced and cruelty-free ingredients
  • Each cologne gives a long-lasting scent 
  • Made by a reputable USA-based brand

How to Choose the Best Dog Cologne Spray for your Pup

There are a few key factors you should keep in mind when choosing the right dog cologne spray. 

Consider the Type of Fragrance You Want

What type of fragrance do you want? A light, flowery scent, or something more fruity? Consider what you’ll be using the fragrance for. If you need something clean and long-lasting, maybe go for a baby powder scent.

Think about What Kind of Occasion 

Wordpress Featured Image 2

What occasion will you be using the dog cologne spray for? Is it something special like a date night or just an everyday spritz? Or do you just want your dog to smell nice on a daily basis?

Whether it’s a special event like a wedding or just a fun night out, adding a touch of dog cologne spray can really make your furry friend stand out.

Give Your Dog Cologne Spray a Test Run

Maybe most importantly, make sure to test out the scent on your dog before fully committing! You don’t want them to be uncomfortable with their own smells.

Also, keep these factors in mind when choosing a scent for your pup:

  • Dog Size: For smaller dogs, a light floral or citrusy scent might be best.
  • Activity Level: If your dog is very active and playful, something with a little more staying power – like musk or sandalwood – could be what you’re looking for.
  • Coat Type: If you have a dog with a short, silky coat, a floral or fruity scent might be best.
  • Living Situation: If your pup spends more time indoors, a lighter scent might be best for your situation.

Picking the right dog cologne spray for your pup is important – you want them to smell good, but also feel comfortable in their own skin. When it comes to scents, keep it simple and classic.

Always avoid colognes meant for humans. Your dog may love the way it smells on you, but they won’t enjoy wearing it.

Wrapping Up Our Picks for Best Dog Cologne Spray!

Bridgett Killik Stacy

Our top picks for the best dog cologne spray are perfect for making your pup smell great! Whether you’re looking for a fresh scent or something to cover up any doggy odors, these products will do the trick. Buy them for your lil pup, or send it as a gift to a friend.

Do you have your own favorite dog perfume or cologne? Please share in the comments below!

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