While looking for cute small dog breeds, you might be surprised by the wide variety of options out there. Of course, you may be lucky enough to find a small half breed dog as well, but most people seem to focus on pure blood. I have done some research on the most popular such breeds, though and according to my studies and stats, it looks like some breeds are more popular than others.

Small Dog Breeds Make Great Lifelong Pets

Most people are clearly not aware of all the options they have, so they mostly go along with one of these already popular breeds. So what are my main recommendations from this point of view? Let’s take a closer look! But remember, these are in no particular order.

#1: Short Hair Chihuahua

small dog breeds chihuahua
Photo by wkn from Pexels

Chihuahua belongs to a wider group of small breeds. Such dogs are mostly raised for company and exhibitions as well. They are originally from Mexico and no matter how small they seem at a first glance, they actually have big personalities. They have the tendency to get attached to one or two individuals and they are always curious, active and up for some challenges.

However, the breed cannot really stand strangers and may become nervous in their presence. Chihuahuas should be socialized as soon as possible or they become anxious in new environments. If you fail to do it, they will never get along with other pets or even the kids. On the other hand, chihuahua is a territorial dog, so it makes a good barking alarm.

The energy levels are medium, while the barking tendency is quite high. Fortunately, Chihuahuas can be easily carried around, and its aggression can go up to a medium level only.

#2: Maltese Bichon

small dog breeds maltese bichon

Often referred to as a simple bichon, this breed is split into multiple varieties. Such dogs were initially mentioned in the ancient Egypt manuscripts, but they have quickly gained a lot of popularity in the Roman culture as well. The Greek called the breed a Maltese Bichon. However, it seems that Malta was only the main source for these dogs and nothing else. Back then, it was a very important commerce point on the map.

Today, the Maltese Bichon is widely appreciated as a company pet. It is popular, elegant, faithful, sensitive, and intelligent. It also has an active behavior, so it is one of my favorite breeds out there. The constitution is very robust. As for the actual walking, I find it to be the funniest part in a Maltese Bichon.

The entire breed is covered is a long, white and silky hair. A recently washed Maltese Bichon is perfectly white and pure.

#3: Pekingese

Photo by Elisabeth Fossum from Pexels

The Pekingese is a royal dog with a lot of self-confidence. I have noticed that plenty of dogs walk with their heads up, just like they would actually try to underline their royal status. They are normally raised for the company because they are small, easy to walk and take care of.

Pekingese dogs can be very active and full of life. They make great companions for the entire family, whether it comes to adults or kids.

Generally, the breed is not too aggressive. However, older dogs may not always enjoy being disturbed. They will never hesitate to protect their territories either. As for a few general exceptions, do not be surprised if such a small dog ends up barking at you for no reason.

#4: Long Hair Chihuahua

small dog breeds chihuahua long hair

Just like the short hair variety, long hair chihuahua comes from Mexico as well and has always been bred for company and expositions. The dog is relatively wise and very friendly with the owner. It is always curious and ready to learn new things, not to mention exploring new environments.

However, it requires socialization training as soon as you get it. Otherwise, it may not be too friendly with strangers or other dogs. The small size is an impediment for this dog. I have seen small chihuahua dogs that barked louder than large dogs, only because they are intimidated by larger beings.

It is also worth noting that long hair chihuahuas love living in larger groups, so you should get more of them if you have a large yard.

#5: Brussels Griffon

Centuries ago, the Brussels Griffon breed has been widely used to hunt small animals and pests, such as maggots or rodents. Today, the breed is specifically used for personal companionship. It is small, fluffy, and represents one of the less popular small dog breeds in my opinion.

I was lucky enough to actually play around with a few Brussels Griffons and they are very intelligent and trustworthy. They can be very sensitive, so do not even think about negative corrections because they will frighten such dogs. With time, they will become shy and scared whenever they find themselves around you.

Choosing the Best Small Dog Breeds

In conclusion, I have seen a lot of cute small dog breeds and it is hard to tell which one has impressed me the most. Each of them has that sparkle in their eyes that melts my heart. However, these five breeds are the most popular ones I have seen around. Only you can decide which is going to be the best fit for you and your family!

choose to rescue small hypoallergenic dogs when possible

Do you have any more suggestions for the best small dog breeds? Drop a line below. We’d love to hear from you!

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