Our pups are an important part of our lives. Even if you treat your dog great, there are a ton of reasons they can show signs of aggression. You might be wondering, “Why is my Yorkshire Terrier Toy aggressive specifically?.” Well, you’re not alone.

So, Why is My Yorkshire Terrier Toy Aggressive?

Why is My Yorkshire Terrier Toy Aggressive?

Yorkshire Terrier Toy pups are often high-stress dogs that need their personal space. Yorkshire Terrier Toys are more likely to bite, nip, or become generally aggressive when a person tries to pick them up or touch them. Bath time and grooming can also be stressful situations for your dog.

There is good news though. Yorkshire Terrier Toys can be highly enjoyable, loving pets. If you understand their limitations.

Are Yorkies Naturally Aggressive?

It’s not uncommon for Yorkies to become hyper-aggressive. Their larger-than-life personalities often leave them territorial or overly protective of their owners. A few signs that your Yorkshire Terrier Toy is stressed include;

  • Jumping
  • Nipping/Biting
  • Yapping
  • & Growling

The above behaviors should not be ignored. Yorkshire Terrier Toys are small dogs that can easily be trained when problem behavior is caught early on.

Tips for Keeping Your Pup’s Aggression to a Minimum

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Yorkshire Terrier Toys can be the perfect dog for apartment living. They also make for great companion dogs as they tend to be incredibly loving pets. For this reason, Yorkies are the most popular toy dog breed in the USA.

However, your Yorkie can have completely different interactions with you than say, someone that comes at you or them too quickly. If you value your friends, family, and neighbors’ sanity, you’ll want to keep your pup’s aggression to a minimum.

Teach Social Cues

The sooner you teach your Yorkie how to act in social situations, the easier it will be. That being said, you can teach an old dog new tricks. It might just be a little harder to re-train them. Rather than punishing your pup, it’s best to reward good behavior.

A positive-reinforcement based treatment plan is the best route to take, according to VCA Animal Hospitals. That’s because a dog’s aggression is often based on fear – whether it be of the situation or potential impending punishment.

Stop Territorial Behavior

Set boundaries for your Yorkie early on. Doing so lets them know that you are the dominant member of the house. This includes;

  • Stopping toy dominance within the home
  • Making certain spaces off-limits
  • Obedience training in the house and yard
  • Maintaining a tight routine for your dog

Essentially, you need to be the pack leader for your Yorkshire Terrier. Remember, you’re the boss, not your pup.

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Prevent Hormone-Driven Aggression

Generally, a dog should be spayed or neutered before reaching full sexual maturity to prevent aggression. For Yorkshire Terrier Toys, this happens when they’re about 1-year old. Most veterinarians will recommend having your Yorkie fixed anywhere from 6-months to 1-year.

Minimize Stressors

Keeping a calm household can go a long way towards keeping your Yorkie calm too. Teach children proper behavior around your pup, including;

  • How to gently approach your Yorkie
  • How to correctly pet and pick up the dog
  • How to minimize noise stressors

Sudden movements and loud noises can be stressful for your pet. Kids that will be around the dog often should be well aware of the specific triggers your dog might have.

Should You Train Your Yorkie Yourself?

Yorkies are highly-intelligent dogs. They also tend to be quite stubborn, making training more challenging – albeit not impossible. With a bit of extra attention, you can have a well-trained pup by doing it yourself.

Benefits of self-training include;

Why is My Yorkshire Terrier Toy Aggressive 4
  • Establishing dominance
  • Encourages bonding time
  • Helps recognize voice training
  • Instills good habits at home

Starting at an early age is key when training Yorkies of any kind. Basic commands and behavioral training can be taught as early as 7 or 8 weeks. Remember, consistency and repetition are key to training your Yorkie.

Related Questions

Do Yorkies Get Mad at Their Owners?

Yorkies are very emotional and sensitive dogs that will let you know how they feel. If your pup isn’t happy with you, you will be the first to know.

How do you stop a Yorkie from being aggressive?

Minimize situations where your dog may become stressed, fearful, or anxious. Reward calm or relaxed behavior with positive reinforcement as often as you can.

How do you punish a Yorkie?

Yorkies do not respond well to punishment. Like most dogs, Yorkshire Terrier Toys may actually feel rewarded with the attention you’re giving him or her.

Why is My Yorkshire Terrier Toy Aggressive?

Yorkshire Terrier Toys are great companion dogs with a lot of personalities. However, they can also become aggressive very quickly when put in a stressful situation. As a Yorkie owner, it’s important to provide a structured environment with positive-based training for your pup.

Why is My Yorkshire Terrier Toy Aggressive?
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