It is amazing to see Hillary Duff carrying her Yorkie Poo to every place she visits including dinner parties. But, it is equally disheartening to know that some ruthless thief stole ten-week-old Yorkie Poo bought by John Schneider to gift her daughter on Christmas Eve. We all love dogs so when a celebrity is seen with her/his dog we automatically start admiring them and if the dog is Yorkie Poo, we complement their taste.

About the Yorkie Poo Breed

There is interesting history for this name because there are different names to this same breed like Yorkiedoodle, Yo-Yopoo, Yorkie-Poo, Yorkipoo and Yorkie Poo. You have to understand that all these names existed as it a cross between Yorkshire terrier and Poodle and not a purebred.

Origin of Designer Yorkie Poo Breed

yorkie poo designer dog breeds
Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels

Fondly dubbed as a designer breed, Yorkie Poo are well-known and much-appreciated. But, it wasn’t always so. Like many designer dog breeds, the Yorkie Poo has been highly bred with specific motivations.

Many people wanted a toy-sized dog but didn’t want the genetic disorders that came with the parent breeds. The Yorkie Poo also has a gorgeous hypollergenic fur coat.

Although it was said that the success achieved with this kind of breeding is limited, the Yorkie Poo became the most admired and loves breed among small dog lovers in no time.

The Temperament of Yorkie Poo Dogs

When you want a fun-loving, affectionate yet active dog who likes to be in the company of humans, Yorkie Poos are perfectly meant for you. Most of the time, this breed is considered of royal niche as many of the high profile celebrities own them.

However, serving as a true companion, a Yorkie Poo dog will participate in all your home and family activities. You’ll be compelled to treat them as one of your family members. Being confident, independent and fearless (Thanks to Terrier origin) this breed at the same time is less demanding compared to other breeds of small dogs.

yorkie poo dog designer dog breeds
Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

If trained appropriately (because they are completely trainable), they will intelligently and obediently obey their owner’s orders. On the other hand, being small and lovely they have, inborn tendency to be pampered so they like to see the world from their owner’s lap rather than exploring.

It is good if you start socializing your Yorkie Poo as early as possible. That’s because they are fond of meeting other people, playing with other dogs, and experiencing different sounds, sights, and experiences.

Remember there are a few things that might affect the temperament of your Yorkie Poo:

  • Heredity
  • Lack of socialization
  • & Failing to provide proper training.

Therefore, it is essential that you provide good and loving care as well a playful growth environment for your dog. Lastly, if possible, meet at least one breeding parent so that you can understand the personality traits of this breed and for elaborate understanding meeting one or two of its siblings will offer you an idea about how your Yorkie Poo would be after growing up.

Choose a Yorkie Poo Rescue

Yorkie Poo rescue, choose to rescue

Designer dog breeds are often bought on an impulse. They’re cute, bubbly, and full of life! But because certain breeds like Yorkie Poos do require more attention than most, they’re more likely to wind up in rescues or shelters.

That being said, there are plenty of great Yorkie Poo rescue options for folks looking to give a loving dog a new home for life. Let’s take a look!

  • Yorkie Poo Club: This informative website has TONS of good options when it comes to the best breed-specific rescues. You’ll have to put your time in though because each Yorkie Poo Rescue is broken down my city/state. Still, it’s a good place to start!
  • Save A Yorkie Rescue: Whether you’re looking to foster or adopt, this is, in my opinion, the best website to do it. Each pup has a full bio allowing you to explore and find your new furrever pet.

However you get them, designer dog breeds are designed to be loved. The Yorkie Poo is no exception. You’ll find this fun-loving pup at your side for years to come.

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