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Avenue Dogs is committed to providing educational information and resources for dog owners across the globe. While our site is designed for everyone, everywhere, we decided to highlight some really great organizations in Mexico. These organizations do a ton for local communities often with limited resources.

This time, we’re going to feature a Mexican dog rescue doing some great things for street dogs in Baja California – Dog Rescue Without Borders.

If you’d like to volunteer, donate, foster or adopt from Dogs Rescue Without Borders while in Tijuana, Mexico, you can contact them directly via their website. We’ll drop that info below;

Contact Dog Rescue Without Borders:

Dog Rescue Without Borders is located in Tijuana, BC. They’re often in need of donations, flight angles, foster parents, and of course adoptions. If you’re in the area, we highly recommend checking out some of the awesome things they’re doing for the local community.

We had a chance to chat with spokesperson Michela Arredondo about some of the things Dog Rescue Without Borders is working on!

Avenue Dogs (AD): Hi Michela! Give Us A Quick Rundown of What Your Organization Does!

Michela: Rescue dogs from the streets and rehabilitate them. In addition, we also attempt to find them homes primarily in the US.

Dog Rescue without Borders is a non-profit dog rescue that teamwork’s with other local groups in Tijuana, MX, dedicated to saving homeless & abandoned dogs from the streets or high-kill shelters in the area and to find them permanent and loving homes.

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AD: How Can People Help/Donate to Dog Rescue Without Borders?

Michela: We’re always on the lookout for people who can help with donating dog food, adopting dogs, and fostering.

Note: We do not have a shelter. Our Pets are either currently living in a shelter or in a foster home. Shelter dogs only have a certain amount of time in the shelter, so if you are interested, please act quickly. Foster dogs are living in foster homes with volunteers that care for them until they find new homes. The more quickly the foster dogs get adopted, the more we can rescue from the shelter or rescue from the streets!

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AD: Do You Have Any Advice for People Wanting to Adopt Dogs in Mexico?

Michela: Always ensure that they are fully vaccinated and have negative parvo, distemper, and 4DX so that they can enjoy the longest, happiest life possible.

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AD: Do You Have Any Other Dog Rescues You Work with/Recommend?

Michela: We provide resources for independent rescuers and work closely with individual’s when possible to rehabilitate pups.

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Dogs Rescue Without Borders is one of our featured organizations in Mexico. They rescue abandoned and unwanted dogs in Tijuana and bring them into the U.S. for hopes of a happy adoption and permanent family. This is not a shelter, rather a means to provide homes to Mexican dogs in the United States.

If you know of a Mexico dog rescue or shelter that you think should be featured next, let us know in the comments below!

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