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Avenue Dogs is committed to providing educational information and resources for your furry friend. While our site is designed for everyone, everywhere, we decided to highlight some really great organizations in Mexico. These organizations do a ton for local communities often with limited resources.

Today, we’re going to feature a really lovely organization that’s close to our hearts – A New Leash Yucatan. We got a chance to chat with spokesperson Amy Budd to learn more about this great project.

If you’d like to volunteer or donate to A New Leash, you can contact them directly via Facebook or WhatsApp. We’ll drop that info below;

  • WhatsApp: +52 1 999 362 0943

A New Leash Yucatan is located in Progreso, Mexico. If you’re in the area, we highly recommend checking out some of the awesome things they’re doing for the local community.

Avenue Dogs (AD): Hi Amy! Give Us A Quick Rundown of What Your Organization Does!

Amy: A New Leash is an endeavor that assists many local rescues and spay/neuter organizations providing help with the rescue/support /adoption of Yucatan street Pups. We support and help organize a number of spay and neuter clinics where we provide donated new leashes and collars to owned and street dogs / cats alike, removing fishing line, ropes and chains!

People enjoy 💕 being able to give their pets some jewelry that they may not be able to afford themselves! We find that with education and our respect for the animals, they too look at these dogs and cats in a new light!

a new leash yucatan

AD: How Can People Help/Donate to A New Leash?

Amy: We accept financial donations that is used for vet services for injured or rescued puppies! Additionally equipment donations are essentials as in pet carriers to send puppies to their new homes or desperately needed cages or dog and cat traps which are distributed to organizations that dart, trap /sterilize and release dogs and cats! Help reduce the suffering on the streets with less animals!

Donate to A New Leash Yucatan

AD: Do You Have Any Advice for People Wanting to Adopt Dogs in Mexico?

Amy: Be prepared for unconditional love! Grateful and happy puppies! I have seen dogs just a smidge away from death… and with a touch of love and good care they flourish! No matter what horrible situations they may have experienced, they return nothing but affection and trust!

AD: Awesome! Anything Else You’d Like to Share?

choose to rescue a dog

Amy: International rescue adoption, many people think why bring in a dog from Mexico!? Well this is why: VARIETY, there are limited smaller types of dogs available in some countries and a street dog is it’s own breed, SUPPORT. Many local rescues ask for Mexican street dogs and they come to them fully vetted! Ready to adopt, they don’t invest any monies into these dogs and with the adoption fees they collect they can continue with rescues endeavours in their own areas as this helps with their huge vet bills that are incurred.

AD: And Finally, Tell Us Your Favorite Dog/Rescue Joke!

Amy: So this adopted rescue dog says… “ iM Adopted? You mean you aren’t my real mom?”

anti itch dog spray

A New Leash Yucatan is one of our featured organizations in Mexico. They’re doing some pretty great things throughout the community but have limited resources to get everything done they want. We encourage you to like their Facebook page and give them any support you can!

If you know of a Mexico dog rescue or shelter that you think should be featured next, let us know in the comments below!

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  • Joe
    Posted August 10, 2022 at 4:42 pm 0Likes

    Great info. thanks for the blog.

  • Diane thornton
    Posted August 16, 2022 at 3:26 pm 0Likes

    Gerriesanimalrescue.org is a non profit 501c3. Chicxulub PTO just outside of Progreso 45 minutes from Merida.
    We rescue all animals we have dogs cats a goat a pig and 3 chickens.
    We are self funded .
    We take very sick animals on that no one else wants. I was a nurse for 40 years so I love using my knowlege to help them. They dont complain. Lol

    • Natasha Moore
      Posted August 16, 2022 at 3:34 pm 0Likes

      Hi Diane! That’s wonderful. I’ll add your orgabization to the master list. 🙂

      Feel free to contact me directly if you’d like to be “featured” like A New Leash!

      My direct email is natasha@word-brokers.com

      Have a lovely evening!

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