At AvenueDogs.com, our goal is to help pet owners across the globe find the necessary information for their dogs to thrive. In this series, we’re featuring dog rescues and organizations in Mexico. From providing refuge to abandoned and neglected dogs to promoting community education to helping prevent dog overpopulation, these organizations are doing some pretty great things.

Today we’re going to feature a rescue that is changing the lives of pups in Puerto Escondido, Mexico – Perros en Puerto:

When you donate to a foster or rescue in Mexico, your dollar goes further. If you’d like to donate your time or money to Perros en Puerto, you can contact them directly via Facebook, Whatsapp (preferred), or email. We’ll leave that information below;

Perros en Puerto (PEP) was founded in August of 2008 to help the stray dogs in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. This non-profit organization has gone onto helping all animals in need including cats and even horses. Once pups are ready for adoption, Perros en Puerto helps organize the paperwork to send them to European countries and Canada.

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We got a chance to talk to Annette, the Founder of Perros en Puerto. With over 15-years of experience, Annette knows the ins and outs of the Coastal Region of Oaxaca. Today, she’s offered her expertise to potential owners looking to adopt in Mexico. Let’s take a look!

Avenue Dogs (AD): Hi Annette! Can You Give Us A Quick Rundown of What Your Organization Does?

Annette: Our mission is focused on helping sick and injured street dogs, abandoned dogs and cats, as well as horses that are in neglected condition. Unfortunately this is only possible if I have sufficient help in terms of volunteers and funds through donations.

Perros en Puerto is the oldest dog rescue on the coast of Oaxaca. With 15 years of experience we are well aware of the situation in and around Puerto Escondido, and sadly there are always more animals in need of help than we can take on. However, our motto is to focus on the things we can do and not on things we can’t.

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AD: How Can People Help/Donate to Perros en Puerto?

Annette: There are a ton of ways you can help us at Perros en Puerto (PEP).

Donate: Perros en Puerto receives no government funding and we rely solely on the donations of our generous supporters to continue the work we do. We are a strictly volunteer run association and 100% of every donation goes towards improving the lives of the dogs in our care.

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Adopt: If you reside outside of Mexico and wish to adopt one of our dogs PEP will help you with the required paperwork. Every country has different regulations regarding the import of dogs so please check with your appropriate government agency before you commit to an adoption.

Foster: Our current shelter is not equipped to handle the following intakes and we often need local foster homes for these dogs on an emergency basis;

● very young orphaned puppies who need to be bottle fed every 2 hours

● puppies under the age of 3 months

● whelping mothers and their pups

● special needs dogs and dogs recovering from injury and/or surgery

Could you temporarily open your home and your heart to one or more of these dogs? If so, and you have the time to spend with puppies or sick and/or recovering dogs we would love to hear from you.

Flight Escort: More and more of our shelter dogs are being adopted into loving homes in Canada, the United States and even Europe. Sometimes they travel with their new owners but at other times they need a little help getting there and this is where flight escorts come in.

Spread the Word: PEP does not have an advertising budget nor do we ever pay for advertising of any kind. We simply do not have the available funds so we rely on our supporters to help spread the word about the work we do at the shelter.

For more details please go to our website perrosenpuerto.org

AD: Do You Have Any Advice for People Wanting to Adopt Dogs in Mexico?

Annette: Mexican dogs are very special. As most of them are mix of many breeds, they are generally healthier and hardier than breed dogs. They are more likely to display true dog behavior, such as digging holes, chewing and rolling themselves in smelly stuff, as well as being wary of certain people.

In my experience, all dogs can be adopted, but not all people make good adopters. Most rescue dogs bring some kind of baggage with them and to become a good dog parent, people need to be aware of this and be willing to go the extra mile. If you are this kind of person, I guarantee you that you will be rewarded by your new companion many times over.

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AD: And Finally, Do You Have Anything Else You’d Like to Share?

Annette: I do not do online adoptions. If you want to adopt I am very happy for you to come and get to know the dogs through a volunteer experience here at Perros en Puerto. It will give you the opportunity to get to know all of the dog’s individual character and make personal connections with them. Adoptions should be a mutual agreement between dog and owner.

Perros en Puerto – An Avenue Dogs Featured Rescue

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Perros en Puerto is an AvenueDogs.com Featured Rescue. PEP has a lofty mission of providing shelter, sanctuary, medical help, food and loving care to homeless, starving, sick, injured and abused dogs. The non-profit also aim to find responsible, loving homes for the shelter dogs through our adoption program. PEP is always in need of monetary support, volunteers, foster parents, and flight angels.

Know of an organization that should be featured next? Drop a comment below and let us know too!

Have a dog foster or rescue success story? We’d love to hear that too! Tell us your pup’s heartwarming tale of how you met, the challenges you faced, and of course what your furry friend is up to now! Success stories are a great way to encourage others to choose to rescue!

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