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At, we’re committed to helping improve the lives of voiceless animals across the globe. While our site is all-inclusive, our goal is to assist local dog rescues in Mexico get the recognition they deserve. It truly is amazing what some of these orgs are able to do with limited resources and funds.

Today We have a special rescue to feature – Ginger’s Jungle Rescue Dog Sanctuary:

When you donate to a foster or rescue in Mexico, your dollar goes further. If you’d like to volunteer or donate to Ginger’s Jungle Rescue, you can contact Tracy directly via Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. We’ll leave that information below;



Contact Info: WhatsApp or Facebook

WhatsApp: +52 983 110 8011

Tracy Ginger’s Dog Rescue and Sanctuary is a safe haven for helpless, weak, sick, voiceless, and innocent animals. They regularly ship pups abroad once they become healthy and are ready for adoption. They’ve shipped dogs as far as Canada, Canada, USA, Finland, and the UK.

Today we had the pleasure of talking to Tracy Ginger, the founder of Ginger’s Jungle Rescue. Now this is a woman that’s dedicated her life to helping dogs in Mexico, and we’re excited to include her as one of our Featured Rescues!


Avenue Dogs (AD): Hi Tracy! Can You Give Us A Quick Rundown of What Your Organization Does?

Tracy: We rescue abused or abandoned dogs to give them a second chance and find them a forever home. Our shelter works with donations and money from the restaurant and the hair salon that I run, to feed them, take care of them and vaccinate, sterilize and pay for any vet fees.

AD: How Can People Help/Donate to Ginger’s Jungle Rescue?

Tracy: You can help us by becoming a volunteer or just coming to walk or wash a few dogs! 

You can donate via any of the following: 


E-transfer for Canadian dollars:


Cash App: $TracyBurgardt

You can also donate dog food, or any other things related to dogs.

Note: For the sanctuary, please come and visit/walk the dogs, and help out anytime between 10 am – 3 pm (located behind Ginger’s Jungle Restaurant, searchable on Google Maps).

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AD: Do You Have Any Advice for People Wanting to Adopt Dogs in Mexico?

Tracy: Contact our rescue for an interview or visit our rescue. Adopting instead of buying a dog is a wonderful act but also a responsibility, you must be prepared to welcome the new member of your family and offer him a forever home.


AD: Great! Do You Have Any Other Dog Rescues You Work with/Recommend?

Tracy: We often recommend the following rescues Capital C B Rescue, Gerries Rescues, and Isla Animals.

AD: And Finally, Tell Us Your Favorite Dog/Rescue Joke!

Tracy: Adopt a family member who won’t mind seeing you naked!


Ginger’s Jungle Rescue – An Avenue Dogs Featured Rescue

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Ginger’s Jungle Rescue is an entirely nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to help provide a safe haven for voiceless and abandoned dogs in Mexico. We proudly support them as an Featured Rescue. From spay/neuter clinics to providing medical care, shelter, and LOVE to dogs in need, this rescue truly is something extra special.

Know of an organization that should be featured next? Drop a comment below and let us know too!

Have a dog foster or rescue success story? We’d love to hear that too! Tell us your pup’s heartwarming tale of how you met, the challenges you faced, and of course what your furry friend is up to now! Success stories are a great way to encourage others to choose to rescue!

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