At Avenue Dogs, we’re committed to providing up-to-date info on rescues and organizations that are truly helping dogs lead a happier, healthier life. While we care about pups across the world, we’re highlighting some of our favorite organizations in Mexico that are really making a difference.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at a really special organization – PET Los Cabos.

PET Los Cabos provides responsible pet ownership education programs, adoption, and spay and neuter clinics to the community of Cabos San Lucas. The Second Chance Ranch by PET is open to the public via appointment.

If you’d like to volunteer, donate, adopt, foster, or become a flight angel for PET Los Cabos, you can contact them here:


Contact Info:

WhatsApp: +52 624 151 5842


The founders of PET Los Cabos have spent decades volunteering and working in animal welfare. Over the years, the most important lesson they learned was that there will never be enough permanent homes for all the animals that are born so they decided to work on the root of the problem by addressing the need to educate their community regarding the responsibility of owning a pet and the importance of spay/neuter.

From there, the organization has grown to offer low cost and free spay/neuters, temporarily home dogs, and help them find their forever homes. We had the pleasure of chatting with the founders Aida Reyes Trujillo and Evaristo Castro about PET Los Cabos in more detail!

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Avenue Dogs (AD): Hi Guys! Can You Give Us A Quick Rundown of What Your Organization Does?

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PET Los Cabos: Through our education and spay/neuter programs we will prevent the needless suffering of dogs and cats that will otherwise end up on our streets spreading disease through no fault of their own. Our goal is to do 100 surgeries per month, our cost per surgery is $25.00 usd. Every little bit counts, please consider helping us by sponsoring a surgery, donating towels, medical supplies, kennels, collars and leashes, volunteering at the clinic. Just one spay/ neuter can make a huge long term impact.

Second Chance Ranch is a special place where we house our rescues until they find a loving family either locally or through our Adoption Partners in the US and Canada. The Ranch provides a safe place for owner-relinquished and stray dogs and cats while searching for new homes. In addition to the dogs and cats, there are also several rescue horses and donkeys on site. If visiting the area please consider volunteering your time to help clean the cages, walk the dogs and love on the kitties.

AD: How Can People Help/Donate to PET Los Cabos?

PET Los Cabos: There are numerous ways that you can help the cause. From volunteering to donating funds to becoming a much-needed flight angel, we greatly appreciate all the help we receive!


Your support can help give these animals a second chance at life and a loving family to call their own! Only $25 can sponsor a spay/neuter and have an impact!

PET Los Cabos California 501(c)(3 Tax ID 93-1567690 

Donations can be made via:





You can help us by visiting us and sharing your time walking our little four-legged friends and loving the cats.


We have wonderful dogs and cats available through our organization. Click below to find your next family member.

choose to rescue a dog


Foster a dog or cat can free up space to help us save more lives.

Become a Flight Angel

A flight angel is a traveler flying with a dog or cat in need, to a U.S. or Canadian destination where we have a rescue partner willing to take the pet in. Give us your information and flight reservation details and we will check and see if there is a dog or cat ready to go where you are heading. If there is, we’ll ask you for the necessary details to book the pet’s passage.

We will take care of the fees. Helping to bring our furry friends to their new homes in other countries is the greatest show of love!

AD: Awesome! Do You Have Any Advice for People Wanting to Adopt Dogs in Mexico?

PET Los Cabos: It’s easier than you think! We will take care of all the vet/airline information and then we will meet you at the airport to help check you in!

PET Los Cabos – An Avenue Dogs Featured Organization

Avenue Dogs featured rescue

PET Los Cabos helps prevent the needless suffering of dogs and cats that will otherwise end up on our streets spreading disease through no fault of their own. That’s an impressive feat for any organization but they need your help! We encourage you to donate your time, money, or supplies if you’re in a position to do so.

Know of a dog rescue or organization that should be featured next? Drop a comment below and let us know too!

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