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At Avenue Dogs, we’re dedicated to providing the latest, most up-to-date info for pet owners. While our site is all-inclusive, our aim is to assist local dog organizations in Mexico get the recognition they deserve. It’s amazing what some of these orgs are able to do with limited resources and funds.

Today, we have a really special organization to feature – Snipsisters Foundation.

When you donate to a foster, rescue, or clinic in Mexico, your dollar goes further. If you’d like to volunteer or donate to Snipsisters Foundation, you can contact them directly via Facebook, Instagram, or their website. We’ll leave that information below;

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Snipsisters Foundation provides free spay and neuter clinics. These clinics tackle the overpopulation problem of both dogs and cats. With fewer animals on the streets, there’s a greater chance to help the ones who are already in need as well as preventing pet abandonment after being born into households that simply can’t afford to keep them.

We had the pleasure of speaking with the founder Heidi Wagner to get a better understanding of exactly what they do and how you can help! Heidi is resident of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and the free clinics that the Snipsister Foundation offers operate in and around the coastal regions of Oaxaca (between and including Huatulco & Puerto Escondido).

Avenue Dogs (AD): Hi Heidi! Can You Give Us A Quick Rundown of What Your Organization Does?

Heidi: We offer free spay/neuter surgeries in and around small communities along the Oaxaca coastline between and including Puerto Escondido and Huatulco.

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AD: How Can People Help/Donate to Snipsisters Foundation?

Heidi: Donations of funds are always needed so we can continue offering these free sterilization surgeries. At Snipsisters Foundation, 100% of all funds go directly to the surgical materials and our surgeon(s) – approximately $35 Canadian ($27 USD). There are no administrative fees, all involved are volunteers, no one is paid for their time.

The Snipsisters Sisterhood is a small group of passionate individuals both from Mexico and Canada – all trying to HUMANELY control the overpopulation of dogs and cats. Our amazing volunteers comprise of dedicated animal lovers that are from all over the world.

Volunteers are always welcome too! Anyone interested in volunteering at our monthly clinics in Puerto Escondido please email me directly at

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AD: Awesome! Do You Have Any Other Dog Rescues You Recommend?

We work with Fundación Chapulin.

AD: Anything Else You’d Like to Add?

One unspayed female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in just 6 years. Female Dogs can come into heat two times a year (on average). For some it’s every 3 to 4 months, and larger breeds can be further apart. The heat cycle lasts about 21 days.

Please help us. Through sterilization and education we can help stop the suffering of dogs and cats. This really is the only way to stop the cycle. $35 is all it costs to humanely spay or neuter one dog or cat.

Snipsisters Foundation – An Avenue Dogs Featured Organization

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The Snipsisters Foundation has been around for over 11-years and has helped “snip” 9,000+ companion animals to date. That’s an impressive feat for any organization but they need your help! We encourage you to donate your time, money, or supplies if you’re in a position to do so.

Know of an organization that should be featured next? Drop a comment below and let us know too!

Have a dog foster or rescue success story? We’d love to hear that too! Tell us your pup’s heartwarming tale of how you met, the challenges you faced, and of course what your furry friend is up to now! Success stories are a great way to encourage others to choose to rescue!

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